Feasibility of a Chat Box

William Sunshot

Honorable Pirate
As implied, this thread is about the feasibility of adding a chatbox/shoutbox to our forum.

I've seen a few other forums with small chatroom-esque boxes near the bottom where registered users can post instant messages. I'm not sure how well this would work or how possible it is to even do (I'm not familiar with the coding for this particular site...), but I was wondering if it would be a worthwhile idea to pursue.


Rose Sunslipper

Site Founder
lol.... knew another thread about these would come around... i reallllyyy dont think we should have one though, it could cause drama and whatnot

Will Nightwolf

Legendary Pirate
Site Founder
I would love one however when someones in a bad mood it leads to hurtful things being said and eventually just cause more drama than needed.