Game Update 4.7: The Battle of Odessen Patch Notes

Game Update 4.7: The Battle of Odessa

  • Chapter 16 – The Battle of Odessen! Prepare to face Arcann in deadly combat as he launches a full-scale assault against the Alliance base on Odessen! Still recovering from a shattering betrayal of the now-renegade droid, SCORPIO, the Outlander’s Alliance must rally to defeat Arcann’s forces in a desperate battle to determine the fate of the galaxy!
  • New Alliance Alert: Shining in the Darkness! Something is fishy on Nar Shaddaa. Voss Mystic Sana-Rae’s most recent vision will send you to the Smuggler’s Moon in search of a mysterious Force user. Luckily Blizz is sure he knows exactly who she means and will be tagging along for the ride.
  • New Pack Opening Experience! This new experience enhances the way you open packs, store, and acces your items. Read more about this feature in our Community Blog.
  • Collections Improvement! Collections has seen a slight re-organization! For ease of use, Collections now has several helpful subcategories to help you quickly find a weapon type or creature mount. Companions now have their own Collection category.
  • Weapon Tuning slots have been added to Level 50 Operation and PvP weapons.
  • Players can now use the Companion Locator Terminal in the Alliance Base Camp to regain Companions which became unavailable due to The Fallen Empire storyline. You must complete Chapter XVI before this option is available. Note that the terminal does not allow you to regain Companions which were guests (such as Darth Marr).
  • Characters wielding a Vibroblade and a Lightsaber no longer use the One-Handed idle stance.
  • The Character Sheet now displays correct values for Companion damages and no longer takes Equipment into account.
  • The graphics setting Bloom now works properly with skyboxes when using MSAA.
  • Republic Characters now receive the “Sarlacc Stomper” Title and Codex Entry upon completion of the Mission “[HEROIC 2+] The Long Goodbye.”
  • Jedi Consular Players now receive “The First Son (Consular)” Codex Entry during the Mission “Chaos and Harmony.”
  • Sith Warrior Players now receive the “Halidrell Setsyn” Codex Entry on completion of the Mission “Seek Your Contact.”
  • Achievements for the Mission “Arma Rasa” now properly appear in the Legacy window.
  • Color Crystals can now be previewed without first previewing a weapon.
  • Flipping the Minimap vertically no longer covers the “Exit Area” button with the PvE/PvP Focus Switch.
  • The Dark vs. Light: Flashpoint Master Achievement is now a requirement for completing the Dark vs. Light: Legend Achievement as intended.
Cartel Market
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Overwatch Captain’s Helmet.
Items + Economy
  • A new vendor has been added outside the Eternal Championship. This new vendor sells 220 Rating items for Eternal Championship Trophies.
Missions + NPCs
  • Removed the Group Finder Tactical Flashpoint Mission that was incorrectly appearing on the Republic Fleet's Priority Missions Terminal.
  • Attack effects no longer fire from the feet of Annihilator T4-1D.
  • M1-4X’s Quick Kolto Burst now fires from his cannon instead of his chest, which he considers a marked improvement.
  • The description of the Heroic Transport item on the Mission “Search and Rescue” now references the correct Mission.
  • The description of the Heroic Transport item on the Mission “Factory Recall” now references the correct Mission.
  • Imperial and Republic Commanders now only spawn in PvP Instances.
  • Increased the Credit reward amount of all Heroic Missions.
  • Treasure Hunting Lockbox Missions no longer reward credits.