Gone July 4 -8

Basil Darkratte

Site Founder

Today is the last day I'll be on the forums until the 9th. Have a safe 4th of July, ( and be careful not to blow off your fingers:))


Site Founder
We need to have a 'jealous' smiley ... ;) I've said it at twice and will say it again: I'm jealous! (and yea ... to any of you who went there, but didn't say anything until you came back bringing 'good news' that you had a blast!). Ok, I'm not a theme park person, that's why ... maybe I need to revisit my priorities next time so that I won't be jealous again.

Have a great time, Basil, and be safe! And please say "Hi" to the Mouse from me! :D

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
He he im gonna be in magic kingdom jully 4th i already have my jack skelington shirt XD no rly lol i think when i get back on the 5th my shoes r gonna be falling appart gotta do lots of walking around the park anyways have fun