Guild Gm Question...?

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They made it so the guild will still be alive without the gm but without a gm no one will be able to promote and every officer will fight for power.
If a GM leaves a guild without disbanding it first, all members, veterans and officers remain (until they leave) with no changes in status possible. The GM that left can be added back by an officer, but only as a member.

Guild invite codes that were created for the guild become inactive when the person that created them leaves.
Yes they changed this from the old days, back then if the GM left guild the guild was disolved and all the members were left homeless.
sad but true that method would be easier Red...but iwould feel very used by for guildmaster less guilds....i will say this the guild can survive, buteventually it will die out without the guildmaster at the helm... i have had the pleasure (at the start)nightmare( towards the end ) of being a guild that died cuz the gm left for over six months came back and nobody was home...she found me with a bunch of her cronies and chewed me out... and being the person i am i retorted and unloaded on bannned for too weeks for it...but as for trying to come back in a guild you created would be true (as in the former gm ) would create total chaos at first then ppl would start to leave...i have had many expierences in game from a total officer guild ( Clashing Titans ) to a gm less guild ( Tormenta's Misfits ) to this won where the sky is truelly the limit...Spania is a totally different guild from the norm for me...i have never found so many kindred spirits (pirates lol) in all my journies in game...that is why i am Spania for that cursed dabloon you have there on it.
I'm in the process right now of trying to reform two guilds in which the GM left, abandoning the guild stated a new guild bringing some of the members from the old guild into the new one and then abandoning that guild as well. I've created a new guild and am working on bringing the remnants of both guilds into the new one.
Good to know all this. So many guilds fall apart. Guilds really do Need to have a an active guild master to hold it together. If you meant that you were not active for a while . Left --- like in not playing on that pirate. I would think you would still be guild master, but no one would know you. Just saying. : (
If you want to leave you should make someone you trust GM but make sure that they will promise to give you the GM position back when you come back. I was in a guild where the GM did this and it worked fine. or you can do like a friend of mine did. He put his other pirate as GM then left. And when he came back he got back on his other pirate and made his big one GM.
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