Guild related bugs

So I know these bugs have been around for quite awhile now and also how to fix the second one. I do believe this does need too be fixed.
1. It makes people whom are recently added to the guild appear online, what several people refer too as "Ghosted". This happens when someone joins the guild and logs off or crashs and never relogs back online. Only fix Ive found for this is when the person relogs or TLOPO has updated.


2. Whenever someone joins the guild with a default name Buccaneer, Freebooter, Pirate, or Seadog. When there name is approved it doesn't fix their name automatically they either have to wait for the game to update or the GM to fix it.
How to fix it:
Promote member to rank higher
Demote member back to original rank.

Even then when they login they will appear as whatever default name they had. Once they talk they appear as the name the sent in for approval.