Glitch  Half Way Buried


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Spania went to Port Royal invasion tonight at Monada ocean. Afterwards, I saw Nell Wildscarlett was stuck half way to the ground. Nobody could see that but me (on my screen).
screenshot_2010-12-26_21-39-30.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_21-40-45.jpg
People started to come and stood around her because we talked so loud. :p
screenshot_2010-12-26_21-47-52.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_21-48-03.jpg
Then Nell started to dance, and these were what I saw.
... she started flipping ...
screenshot_2010-12-26_21-51-30.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_21-51-50.jpg
She had some tumbling skill that I never knew before ... :D
ROFL Friend was dancing once and just started flipping randomly but I was the only one that could see it wish I took screen shots that would have been funny to look at... I was halfway in the gruond before on Raven's Cove but i was the only one that could see that.