Happy Holidays

Jason Ironskull

Site Founder
Yo Ho Ho Ho ... 'tis the season for villainous and dastardly freebooters to celebrate in unison as the seasons have turned in the Caribbean.

Starting today and throughout December, the Winter Holiday is upon us. Let us regale in the shopkeeper's decorations as our favorite ports are dressed to spread merriment throughout the islands. After a long year of thwarting Jolly's every move, Pirates can ban together and cause general ruckus with the noisemaker emote (/noise)!


Pose with a sandman outfitted to resemble the great Captain Jack Sparrow or the nasty Jolly Roger or go on a shopping spree at your favorite peddler or shop keep's store. Peddler's offer a holiday themed outfit which will sell out quickly, so hurry!

Keep a sharp eye for the Marceline Guild as they will be out and about town. They, as well as all Pirates, are always looking for a festive time.

Be sure to invite your closest mates to a tavern and request a song in their honor. This year, musicians have an extra song or two inspired by the holidays. Look over their song list carefully to find these special hidden bonus tracks.

Happy Holidays to all!

What: Winter Holiday
When: December 13 to December 31
Where: All major Ports in the Caribbean
I'm gonna miss the decor once there down
As will I... :(

Oh I also noticed (awhile ago, just was feeling too lazy to actually say something:p) that they said that the noisemaker emote was used by typing /noise, which actually does nothing at all...:confused: I am aware that the emote is really /noisemaker, I just thought it was strange that they would put up the wrong thing...