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    Okay so not many people know this story, as it happened well over 4 years ago and I never told anybody about it after it happened.

    We all know the infamous account stealer whom I shall not name. Well this is the story of how he stole and destroyed John Yellowrat in POTCO.

    By the way I’m not making ANY of this up, all of this actually happened… lol.

    It all started in the gold room; I was just looting, minding my own business, when suddenly a girl in a bright red corset appeared. I don't remember her full name - so we'll just go with Emily. Emily walks in and kindly asks, "May I join you?” I said yes of course. I started chatting with her and eventually friended her.

    So let's backtrack a little bit, a few days before this - I made a skype account for the first time, naturally I was eager to make some friends and try it out. So I asked Emily, "You got a skype?" We exchanged skype usernames and we started talking on skype - we talked via text chat for a couple days on skype, sometimes for several hours at a time. After a while we started to kind of like each other, we would send flirty heart emojis back and forth and all that other cutesy romantic nonsense. I asked her what she looked like in real life, and she sent me a picture of a very beautiful woman, I just assumed it was her.

    Now this gets pretty interesting, I was impressed with myself because I had never had a meaningful relationship, let alone one with a girl so attractive. So naturally I showed one of my real life friends, Dylan. He was also impressed; I added him on skype and got him involved in this whole soap opera. He got into skype calls with me and Emily, but interestingly, Emily never did really talk much in the calls; she would say one or two things but listen the rest of the time. I don’t exactly remember how this happened, but for some reason Dylan also got his older brother, Ty, involved.

    I don't exactly remember what the relationship was, but somehow I ended up in a voice call with Emily and a bunch of her friends, which apparently included He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. I asked her what the deal was, and she told me that her father was a very wealthy brain surgeon and that she was actually next door neighbors with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. I entered the call and revealed who I was on POTCO, and H-W-S-N-B-N knew exactly who I was. Of course when I heard his voice for the first time - I had to mute my microphone because I was laughing so hard.

    Emily and I got to a point in our "relationship" where we felt like we could trust each other. This is where my downfall began. She told me that she wanted to loot on my pirate to try and get me good weapons and brights. Of course, being the naive teenager I was, I let her do it. I stupidly gave her my account information, but it things didn’t go south right away. For the next couple days she did exactly what she said she would do, she looted on my pirate when I was away.

    You would think that after all this time I would’ve gone into a video call with Emily at some point. Well, I tried to, but she refused, she said she didn’t have a good camera and she was broken out or some other excuse. I wasn’t quite buying it.

    Then things took a bad turn. So apparently Dylan and Emily were talking in calls behind my back, and Dylan was trash talking me and calling me a weird loser. I confronted Emily about it and she said that Dylan called me a lame and awkward nerd. I then asked Dylan for his side of the story and he said that Emily was full of lies. Dylan also told me that Ty had been talking to Emily and sending her shirtless pictures of his abs and stuff like that. I had known Dylan for a couple years at this point, so obviously I believed him instead. Of course this all made me very angry and I unloaded my feelings upon Emily, and sent her very angry messages. I then dumped her and as a result she sabotaged my POTCO account. She gave my account information to H-W-S-N-B-N and he deleted all my pirates. Fittingly H-W-S-N-B-N changed my password to “destroyhim”.

    It was at this point that I went cold turkey on the Pirates community; I spent a solid two years away from the forums, just living life in the real world. I went through and deleted my POTCO videos from my YouTube channel, I deleted all the POTCO screenshots off of my computer, and I started over with a clean slate.

    So I went on with my life, I still talked to Dylan after this whole incident, although we mutually agreed to never talk about it to anyone. A couple years went by when one day after school, we were standing outside waiting for our rides, and Dylan said something about some random girl that called him out of the blue, Ty was also standing there with us.

    I had a momentary flashback and asked him, “Is it that girl?” They both knew exactly who I was referring to.

    Ty said, “Oh she wasn’t real.” I was confused. All of a sudden it clicked. Emily never existed in the first place; it was H-W-S-N-B-N the whole time. That explains why “Emily” never wanted to do a video call, and why she wanted to loot on my pirate. It was all a massive con by H-W-S-N-B-N and it all started that day in the gold room.
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    What a clever little guy, he probably used his higher voice to emulate a female voice. Despite being an over all jerk, I have to give him props for just how much embarrassing effort he put himself through for this. Sorry about your loss, though. Must've been rough.
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    H-W-S-N-B-N is a preteeen that likes to think he's grown. Never give out your info, kiddies.
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    @John Yellowrat Sounds like you learned a harsh lesson, and I'm sorry all of that happened to you. I have been in guilds and led guilds that had that and worse, and the Mouse worked with us , including reporting adults with rap sheets a mile long who pretend to be kids.(report using feedback in tlopo, I'm sure they will help as well). I met some awesome young men and women who handled this stuff really well while protecting younger pirates in our guild. As CaptainSpandex reminds us... no matter how much you like the social scene in this game... keep it in game.... and protect your real identity...
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    Be smart. Don't give out account info to someone who you don't wholeheartedly trust. No, you don't trust someone after a week of knowing them. And if you're going to do it, don't start beef with them when they have the info still. Change your account info and then start all the beef you want.
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    So what else happen like did you get your pirates back? What else exactly happened to you?
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    always do google image reverse search
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    Don't worry, I had my account stolen too. I never even gave information to anyone. I will always miss my founder's account.

    One day I am playing just fine, next day I am unable to log in and find a youtube video of someone selling my account showing off my El Patron I got just a week before.
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    There is always a lesson to be learned. I've learned one thing in life, never assume anything is correct. It happens, we make mistakes then learn from those mistakes. Sorry to hear this happen to you.

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