Guide How to use controller in TLOPO!!!

El Matador del Mar

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I am quite a tech savvy person and I will try to find a way to use a controller for TLOPO.
I am thinking of using an Input Mapper to sync the keys to the buttons. I don't know if it works, tonight I will try it. If I succeeded I will post here the tutorial:

Downoad this:[5.7].exe/file

Make sure you use this preset:

Run TLOPO and enjoy!

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Luna Storm

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I started doing this using Xpadder but I haven't had the time to get further than walking,opening doors and containers, changing weapons and attack.

I will be interested to see your results :)

El Matador del Mar

Honorable Pirate
Well...I tried, but it seems it just wouldn't sync with TLOPO inputs. I used mutliple programs, but TLOPO just wouldn't sync. @Luna Storm you said Xpadder worked right? Gonna try that cuz I know a good lay out