I found something beautiful in my desk

While looking for something else in a cabinet, i came across not 1, but 2 of the unopened 1 year POTCO Founders Anniversary flags. Had to open one and take a pic to share :) It's pretty nice, double sided even. I also found unopened Toontown newletters/cards

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I've never seen that Founder flag before. Though, I do have this flag:
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I still have my 3D glasses :) I had that chapstick too, good flavor! How did you all get flags? I'm a bit jealous of that


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Are those Disney trading pins??
Yes- one of my friends is really into the pins, so when we went to Disney I ended up with them. Then I had to get a lanyard and more pins...and a pirate keyring to hang on the end of the lanyard...;)