John's Signatures


(Official thread)

For examples on my work, see this thread.

You can use this thread to request a signature from me!
See all my work by visiting this link:

But first, you must do YOUR part in the signature.

Please provide me with a picture of your pirate. If you cannot do this, please PM me with when you can meet up so I can take the screenshot.

Provide me with an idea of what you want the background to be. How do I know that you will like the background I give you?

Provide me with what you want the text to say.

Provide me with any other extras you might like!

Please refrain from demanding a signature from me or asking when it is done. I am a person just like you!

If you want a change done to your signature, please ask nicely, and don't complain if you do not like it.

hi john. could you please make my war frigate say Golden Phoenix instead of dark dragon. i gave you the wrong name lol. sorry about that
Can you put my name John Elijah Marston and guild Spania with maybe a loot skull chest? and a backround hmm surprise me


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Dude John u have an email where I can send u the photo and u should have Wat I want on it in the messages I sent if u didn't delete them
can i have one? i really want one but i want my other pirates name on it edgar mcsteel! :) i can get a picture of my pirate if you can edit it. hope you can help!
Hey John, Could you please make me a signature. I want a background to look a little like this: and here is a pick of my pirate as well:

For the text I would like my POTCO STATS on it. Notoriety: 46, Sailing 30, Cannon 27, Sword: 30, Shooting: 30, Doll:30, Dagger 27, Grenade 14, Staff 22, Fishing 20, Potions 9. I would also like my pirate name on there.: Robert O'spinner. Along with Second To None put on there.
Have fun ( and good luck) trying to make it. A major thanks in advance.