Kraken coming soon then we think?


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if you look at basils video on how to veiw the phase files he has showed these to us.

Basil Darkratte

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No, all those files are old. They were used when Potco first came out, it was in the expo ( I think that's what it' s called) of the game's release


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They recently removed it from the Files, but there used to be one called "Kraken Sink" which is the music from the movie that plays when the Kraken sinks a ship... I think, my memory isn't the best lol.


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it was scary when my computer froze and i thought the volume was low
turned it up to extreme high then got scared to death by the noises..


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Dang, I wish they'd have included that Sparrow/Gibbs stuff......that would totally rock...

Shamus The Brute

Interesting "sounds" Bobby. *I am not sure what to make of them...
Hmmm. Well, they kinda remind me of a cross between my stomach growling, a dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus Rex), the mating call of the Wildebeest, BIGFOOT, the Loch Ness Monster, & a male lion roaring.
"Great." Now I won't be able to sleep tonight without a warm bottle of milk & a stuffed teddy bear to keep me safe.