Glitch Loading screens...

Ok so Infinite loading screens are definitely starting to happen again.. Takes 20 minutes just to login to TLOPO ever since this update that has recently happened.. There has been a lot of Black Screens, Not Respondings, LAG in general, Crashing in/after or wont even load into PVP.. List continues. Yesterday was a really bad one it wouldn't even open the luncher for 10 minutes then to another 20 just to login I finally got on and the game freezes, Black Screen occurs, Then lag. (Several friends/guildies are having this issue as well)

None of this happened till after the game was updated to 64 bit... Yes my computer is a 64 bit computer so that is not the issue.


Notorious Pirate
Contact support and see if they can help you. I have 64 bit and it isn't happening to me and a lot of others. They may be able to help you.


Honorable Pirate
Also been happening to me when I re-launch my ship on the same server. Switching servers helps but it’s a pain esp when you got people in a crew.