Glitch  Lost Unlimited Access Bug

Jason Shipmonger

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My friends and I have recently gotten a bug that switches us between unlimited access and basic access repeatedly... anyone else getting this or is it just us?
I'm glad its not just me.
Its happening to me too, I got surprised when I logged on and I was basic again. Just wait maybe because of maintenance problems, they'll probably be done fixing it by tomorrow.

Will Nightwolf

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How do I get this bug seriously I want to be unlimited for free lol. But honestly I think this happend to me about a year ago. I came on it said I was unlimited however I could only do basic stuff. Im not sure how it resolved itself but it just did.

Francis Gunshot

Site Founder
it happened to me at least thats what I though lol i found out my time with ultimet had just ran out so i upgraded but I did log on today and it said I was basic I log off and log back in it said i wasn't basic so Idk whats going on lol


Pirate Master
Hasn't happened to me when i had unlimited, but as for now im stuck with basic so we'll have to see if it does it to me when i get unlimited back. A couple of my friends have had this problem they just logged out and it was fixed though.

Infamous Ryan

Sea Legs
I had this prob. I was on my ship looting and got dc then came back on and was baic. Made me really upset didnt get my gold.(was x2 week win this happen ) :fish:Then later that day got dc and came on and it membership was back.

Deniz Can Keskin

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When I log in the web site it sad that basic accses then when I was in again it sas unlimited accses what happend can you tell guys?

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Ugh that same exact thing happened to me few days ago or something like that, I was unlimited since the second I joined the game, and when I logged on i was basic. I don't think Disney likes me anymore though..... I cursed them out :cursing: lol.... Got it back the next day though :D:D Must have something to do with their problems that they have been having. Happened to alot of my friends also.

James Birkshaw

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Constance O'Hara said:
Heh.. didn't know you could do an emote like that. I need to look at the list. Anyway...
I'm glad they fixed it... I was ready to renew and I'm not sure what that would have done to my status if I renewed while already having a current membership. :confused: