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so I was currently attempting to sleep, thus failing, I have decided to talk about my guild a little and hear some of your stories!

the guild I am in is entiltee: Mclucky
how did the guild get it's name? the guild master, Davy Iron Bones, told us he had no idea where we got the mc part from but the lucky part is the type of equip. his skateboard is made out of. yeah, he's an odd one but funny.
how did I decide to join my guild? I was having drama problems with the guild I was in before, so I joined McLucky.

my arm is getting tired so tell me your stories! :)
lol i just got kicked out of my guild i was in :(
its cool how it worked out though, Robbie invited me to Wrath of Ravens... seems amazing so far

welcome to wrath of ravens, rose sunslipper. hope you enjoy this great guild as i and many others do.
congrats rose sunslipper! if i ever got booted from spania ( hope this never happens! ) my first choose would be wrath of ravens, a very good guild from what i've seen. gods speed rath of ravens and good hunting.
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