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    NBA Playoffs
    Ik it's late for NBA predictions but I'll go ahead anyway.

    Warriors vs Rockets: Warriors in 5

    Celtics vs Cavaliers: Celtics in 7

    Warriors vs Celtics: Warriors in 5
    Finals MVP: Kevin Durant

    NBA Draft
    1. Suns: DeAndre Ayton
    2. Kings: Luka Doncic
    3. Hawks: Marvin Bagley III
    4. Grizzlies: Jaren Jackson Jr.
    5. Mavericks: Mo Bamba
    6. Magic: Trae Young (it would be stupid not to take him here. Despite his defensive concerns for a franchise like the Magic who have had so many bad seasons since Dwight Howard taking a hyped up player who will bring attention to the franchise is key. I can actually see Trae Young going to the Hawks or Grizzlies if the Kings take Bagley).
    7. Bulls: Wendell Carter Jr. (Michael Porter Jr. might be worth the risk for the bulls, but I'm going to guess they play it safe and take Wendell Carter).
    8. Cavs: Michael Porter Jr. (If LeBron leaves and they're lucky maybe Michael Porter Jr. is as good as he thinks he is. If not then you can always go from there).
    9. Knicks: Mikal Bridges
    10. 76ers: Miles Bridges

    NBA Offseason Free Agent signings:
    LeBron signs with Philadelphia or LA.
    Cousins resigns with Pelicans.
    DeAndre Jordan signs with possibly Spurs.
    Kawhi Leonard resigns with Spurs.
    Paul George signs with LA or Houston.
    CP3 resigns with Houston.