New cannon defense record?


Sea Legs
The current cannon defense record says wave 300, although saying they went over round 300, i've never seen anyone specify what wave, or a screenshot of someone over wave 300. If i'm wrong and there IS someone who has shown to have more than this, then i've got my hopes up for nothing.

This wasn't planned, and was done with people i hadn't met before. The first 4 hours of me playing was me trying to get my Revenant ram. I wanted to get my new friends one as well. There is just one problem. Polo had obviously done something wrong in their past life to be this unfortunate. From the time they joined, to the time we lost the game (due to a glitch that i'll report), in all 7 hrs, Polo did not get the Revenant ram. Maybe i had done something i shouldn't have either, because in 11 hrs, i did not get my steel cannon ram that i wanted.

We probably would've gone a lot further than wave 324, but at around wave 298 i must have hit an integer limit or something like that because i could no longer damage ships more than once, or use the function of any of the ammos.

Is this a new record?