Paddy and the Rats?


Wanted Pirate
Hey! It's been a while since I posted, and although I'm not proud of what I've posted in the past, I've decided to start posting more serious stuff.
So there's this band I have discovered called Paddy and the Rats, and they have an assortment of songs. Some of which actually are pirate-themed, such as 'The Captain's Dead'!
They also have an entire album which I have yet to listen to(for the most part) called 'Rats On Board'. I've listened to one song from it, called Freedom, but that's it.

They have many other songs, but those particular songs stuck out to me due to being very blatantly pirate themed. Many people who like Alestorm seem to like Paddy and the Rats, and vice versa, so if you like one, I recommend you check out the other!
Enjoy this band if you choose to listen to it, and I hope you have a wonderful day or night!