Piratas De Avaricia (guild)

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Jason Shipmonger

Honorable Pirate
Greetings mates! ;) Welcome to my guild page (Piratas De Avaricia Guild)!
The following will be information about the guild, guild rules, and some other guild stuff.

A guild just isn't one player who commands and tells what people to do, a guild isn't just one player who leaves the other players out of activities, a guild isn't the best of the best and high level people in the guild, NO!

A guild is people who help the other people in the guild, a guild is a fair and fun clan for people who want to meet other pirates, a guild is where pirates rely on other pirates. :D

I hope you expect the best from the guild, non the less.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them right here.
1. No cursing, or inappropriate language.
2. No talk about drugs or anything inappropriate.
3. Be mature, and not be immature.
4. Follow these rules and we'll get along just awesome.

The guild rules are plain and simple. They're easy to follow, and if you don't follow them you WILL be removed from the guild at your 3rd warning.​
There are no and will not be any level restrictions to join the guild, don't worry, No one is ever a noob to join this Guild!​
» Preffered/Pirate Name:​
» Timezone:​
» Favorite Weapon/Skill(Sailing, cannoning, etc.):​
» Notoriety/Level:​
If you ever feel like one of our members is harrasing or doing something that's against the guild rules (or what you think is bad, be mature about it too), tell me or any Officer of the guild.​
If you resign or leave the guild, please tell me why and what can we do to help you stay in our guild, and give us tips about what we (I or whoever caused this) did wrong.​
BONUS: Who ever joins the guild will be promoted to a Veteran, so you could invite anyone to our guild!​
Here is the guild invitation code: MLZV7787
Or you can just meet me in game, I'm usually on Servers:
Andaba, Andoso, and Angassa (or Angama).
My timezone is EST, I'm usually on 3-5 PM Weekdays and almost the whole day on Weekends.
i don't agree with number two what if i have a cat named doug and can't talk about him since he is not related to the game. Sure that makes no sense but it will pop up where something interesting but not related to the game will come up.
Then imagine those were the rules, and then put in the invitation code, or meet me in game right now on the server Antassa in Port Royal. :)
EDIT (Mar 13, 2011 at 6:11 PM):

How could you not like pie or cake?
HATE frosting!.... (unless it's like 5 start bakery frosting...) and pie?.... I don't know I don't like the fillings in pie.
Ok were getting off-topic here,
so is anyone willing to join my guild?

Oh yeah, the guild's name is still in approval but still join us :)
good luck with your new guild, jason. i do have a pirate that has a guild and all i can say is that it's a major pain in the backside. hats off to pirates like carlos/ treasurer and raven trueheart, i mean they have major guilds and have not gone insane yet. notice i said yet. lol:flag:
Good Luck Jason to your new guild the "Piratas De Avaricia" (love the name)!
Like Capten Blacksheep says....it can drive you insane....I'm half way there! lol