Pirate101 is a mmo where you and your crew will travel to worlds searching maps to get to the city of gold, El Dorado, unfortunately this game is currently not being updated as it’s predecessor , Wizard101 but if a pirate fan than this game is for you.


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With no intent to hate, I feel like the premise in which Wizard101 was built on was a much more stable foundation for a game with more room for expansion based on the turn-based mechanics, as opposed to Pirate101's odd battle style.

That being said, up until the recent revamps of the W101 Beta areas (Wizard City - Dragonspyre), Pirate101 has always looked more graphically advanced.
Havent played this game in about 11 years been so long. I usually play Wizard101 more than Pirate101 honestly I think its because Im more used to that one makes more sense to me. Overall Pirate101 is a good game.