Pirates Forums Slogan


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What best slogan do you think would present Pirates Forums?!

Just post your thoughts!. And we might have a poll to pick the best one!

Also, if you want to give a brief description of what it means.

For example:

here is mine "The place where all pirates are free" - it means no bias, and no crap!.
The most piratey forum around :D
Um thanks for liking mine guys I just thought it up and now I have one admin and two mods lol wow thanks guys I hope mine gets picked.
PiratesForums Post what you can, Delete nothing at all

I personally luv the [post what you can] part but havent found a better word combination for the second half of it
Pirate Forums- Where the rum is never gone.... lol

Pirate Forums- where the fun never stops :D

i personally like the first one.. :rumgone:
~ Pirates Forums ~
"Drop yer anchor, spend yer gold time, & swindle along with us :flag:." Arrrrr!