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El Matador del Mar

Honorable Pirate
Hello all,
today I have some great news, Pirates Online is being recreated in UE4!
This project respects TLOPO and just like them we won't make any profit out of the game and love the community.

I am part of the group and in the summer I will help with the actual development, but meanwhile, I take care of the Discord, YouTube and Facebook page.

Here is three months of progress:
Video Progress

Please don't mind my English, I am not from the US or UK.

I hope you will love it and play this game because it got lots of potential.
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El Matador del Mar

Honorable Pirate
Quick update, we just implemented some looting. It is ugly as hell, but it is working. We also implemented the first steps of ship customisation. You can already choose sail colour, but we almost implemented emblems! Join our Discord to see the latest development.