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    Ahoy there Crew,
    My name is CapnNickSparrow and I am glad to say that we are the first PotCO Inspired project.
    Our new game will have a lot of elements of PotCO, but new voices, storyline and other things.

    We won't make a exact copy of PotCO like TLoPO or other project.
    Beside that we make an offline game, so don't worry I steal codes or stuff.

    The game will be based on Pirates Online Rewritten old land walker(the .py file).

    It was first called Pirates Online Simulator, but we had to change it, cuz we won't make PotCO Remake, but a Inspired project.

    the website is called: piratestlotkt.tk and the facebook page is: facebook.com/potctlotkt

    we are busy with some things before we release again V.1.0.0 of Early Access.

    But ye can still play latest version of Pirates Online Simulator(V.1.0.9 EA)

    More info on the website
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