Pizza Or Ice Cream?

pizza or ice cream?

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Jane Sterncastle

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i like both xD
Ice cream on my pizza!! The brain freeze counteracts the cheese burn on the roof of the mouth. :) :) :)

that is so funny, but true, my little nephew just turned six, and i thought every kid loves ice cream, i said you want to stop for ice cream, he says, no gives me brain freeze, can we get souchie, dont even know how to spell that, i just know, i said,
sad1.gif got to be kidding,...even i wont eat raw fish, euuw, but a six year old eating it,...whats with these little kids these days....
I like both but not at the same time. Ice cream after pizza does not sit too well.I have to wait a few hours to have the ice cream.
Dark chocolate icecream with black berries there have been in rum, Yummi!
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