Please Welcome Crestshot

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Haha, Ahoy mates! Kat Crestshot, at your service. I'm hoping to be able to find my way around this place well enough, though a left turn here and there probably wouldn't be too unexpected, would it? Haha. Now, rum's on me! (but don't expect me good stash, aye?)

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
HAha, aye. Life is best with a little variety... and scaring people when you say "Sorry, I can't be your boyfriend, I'm a girl."
lol i love doing that except im a guy so i do it the other way around but yea its hillarious

and welcome to the forums if i could find the spongebob welcome clip i would post it but i cant find it

Igor Greybeard

Igor say welcome aboard mate! :D Igor say glad to see you have joined us here mate!!
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