Plundering With Kris Kringle

Charlotte Truebonney

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The other night Raven, Elizabeth and I were very fortunate to have Kris Kringle himself take us sailing. He is a very good sailor, with great treasure sense. Raven and I were able to max out our gold after the second trip out. Kris was kind enough to take us out a third time so Elizabeth could get more gold. Here is a shot of us on board a Colossuss and our celebration afterwards. Just want to thank Kris for a fun and profitable night. :D


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He is fun to play with, always makes everyone smile, i have those same jammies, and a pair for two of my yorkies, they are so cumfy, lol. Santa asked a couple of us to do the black pearl with him, and i was surprised we made it thru with so few to help, guess was his early Christmas present. Kris is awesome!:cool: