Question Policy on Leaks


Notorious Pirate

Will forums users who post (credible or otherwise) information that they've acquired regarding future TLOPO content releases be punished by the forums' moderators? In particular, I'm concerned about information collected illicitly, such as screenshots taken and distributed by self-regarded "hackers" or other malicious parties.


Shamus The Brute

Site Founder
Just want to comment (even though I don't know the answer to your question).

*I feel it's good business -and- manners for "the cause" if such things shared publicly come from those directly affiliated (in contrast to those whom aren't). The reason being, accountability is that much less manipulated if done by those whom have the authority to share. No one, really, should trust second-hand information.

Stephen Teague

I can’t speak for forum policies but I do believe I know why you’re asking. The screenshots that are floating around Discord regarding a ship were “created” by a user in our game that used memory editors to have whatever ship they desired in the game. These screenshots are not a leak from the TLOPO team and don’t reflect future content that we have on the way.

I know this isn’t completely on topic with the thread but I just wanted to address the rumor before it gets too far out of hand.


Pirate Lord
That's a tough call. Leaks are usually good, but how they're obtained might not be.
Seems better security is a must, as always, and a certain line, albeit very thin, between the forum mods and the game devs, must be honored.
In the end, what harm is caused by leaks might be a good measure in determining what course of action should be taken.
Any in-game content that is "leaked", without the TLOPO team's consent, would classify as an "Abuse of Systems" violation and will be removed. While leaks may seem harmless, it takes away from the work the Development Team has put into upcoming content and ruins that anticipation for the player base. In other words, information on upcoming content should only be released by an official TLOPO-affiliated source.