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Hey guys, Tryhard here with my first ever guide for The Legend of Pirates Online. I’m a 12 year veteran of this game. I started wayyy back in November of 2007. Through my many years of playing this game, I’ve learned the fastest and most efficient ways to do everything in this game. So I thought it’d be a good idea to share my knowledge of the thing that everyone complains the most about and hates in this game, which is POTIONS.

This is evident by all of the lv 50 players out there who have everything maxed except for potions. There’s reasons that people want to avoid leveling potions altogether. Some people think it’s boring, some can’t stand the music longer than 2 minutes, and some just think it takes too long to level. So today I’m going to help YOU to learn the most efficient way possible to level these bad boys. After reading this guide, you’re going to find that brewing potions isn’t that bad. It’s pretty fast and easy to level if you know the shortcuts.

*Note: This guide assumes that you already know the basics of how Potions work.

~~~ Guide Begins Here ~~~


So the first step to mastering potions is to stay on Port Royal. Don’t ever go to another island to brew potions; at least if your goal is to level them. If there’s some potion you want to make that’s on another island then go for it, but Port Royal is much faster for leveling. The reason for this is on Port Royal, there are only three ingredients. On every other island, there are four ingredients, which lowers the chances that you’ll get the ingredient you need each time a new one pops up. This greatly increases the amount of time it takes to level your potions. So now, after reading this guide, I better not catch you brewing potions on any other island.


Alright, now let’s get onto the potions. At lv 1, you can choose either of the options you'd like to start with. It doesn't make a difference. Here are the easiest and most efficient potions to make at every level after 1;

Mystic Mixture- (Lv. 2) -45 Rep



I choose Mystic Mixture over Cannoneer Draft because I find it easier to focus on only two ingredients as opposed to three. In the image above, you can see how I make the 2 Crab Extracts. I start off mixing 4 Crab Claws to make 2 Crab Jellies. Then I stack 4 more Crab Claws on top of the 2 Crab Jellies, which makes a total of 4 Crab Jellies, which mixes into the 2 Crab Extracts you need. For the Tooth Dust; since you only need one of them; you can just mix 5 Alligator Teeth, and that will make you one Tooth Dust.

Swift Foot I- (Lv. 3-4) -51 Rep


Stack the reds in this potion the same way that you stack the blues in Mystic Mixture. You should farm this potion until your potions are Lv. 5.
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Lively Bucko Brew I- (Lv. 5-7) -105 Rep


Start off by dropping two blues where I have them here.


Then drop a single blue where I dropped it here. Now you can drop the next SINGLE blue in the space between the blues here. This will make you 2 Crab Jellies stacked on top of each other.


In other cases, if you happen to get a double blue at this point, you can drop it the way I have it here, and this is a shortcut to create the Crab Jelly tower. You have to get lucky to do this.


Now put one single blue on top of the Crab Jelly tower, then begin doing the same thing you just did two spaces over to the right. You want to make another stack of 2 Crab Jellies.


Now begin dropping blues into the middle of these towers. Drop 3 blues in the middle and you'll be done with this potion.


Swift Foot II or Staff Enchant I- (Lv. 8-9) -110 Rep


For Lv. 8 and 9 Potions, you can spam either Swift Foot II or Staff Enchant I. They're both the same difficulty and reward the same Rep.
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Lively Bucko Brew II- (Lv. 10-12) -150 Rep


Start off by making the first Crab Jelly tower on the left, with one single blue on top. Then start working on the 2nd tower on the right.


Now for this potion, you need two single blues on top of the Crab Jelly towers. You can either put two single blues on one tower, or one on each tower. Then start dropping blues into the middle. A small shortcut here is to drop a single blue onto one tower, and then drop two blues into the middle. Then drop the next blue on one of the towers, and then finish the potion by dropping a blue into the middle. This ensures that you have the maximum opportunity to use a double blue if you get one.

Swift Foot III- (Lv. 13-14) -157 Rep


Swift Foot 3 is just like the previous Swift Foots, except now you need two of every ingredient. Spam this one until you hit lv 15 potions.

Lively Bucko Brew III- (Lv. 15-16) -191 Rep


Do the same thing you did for the previous Bucko Brews. This time you just need one more single blue on top of the Crab Jelly towers. You can use the same shortcut from the previous Bucko Brew, by first making the two Crab Jelly towers. Then drop one single blue on top of a tower. Then drop one blue into the middle (let the red or green fall on top of the single blue you put on the Crab Jelly tower. Then drop the next single blue on top of the other tower. Then drop a second blue into the middle (letting the red or green again fall on top of the first tower). And then finish by dropping a third blue into the middle. Again, this is to ensure you get the maximum use out of your double blues, instead of having to throw them off to the side when they could mess up the structure.

Lively Bucko Brew IV- (Lv. 17- Max) -225 Rep


This is the last potion you will need until you master. This potion will level you up to 20 fast. Again, you just need one more single blue than the previous Bucko Brew. The strategy here is to make the two jelly towers, then stack two single blues on one of the towers. Now do the same strategy as before, alternating between dropping a blue into the middle and onto the other tower. You should drop one into the middle, then one onto the tower. Then another into the middle, and then another onto the tower.


As you can see here, this is an example of why you do this trick. The double blue here gives me exactly what I need to finish the potion, thus eliminating one extra move. In some cases, this can save you up to 30 seconds when the game doesn't want to give you a blue at all.

That's it for Tryhard's Advanced Potions Guide, folks! Now you can master those dreaded potions that you've been avoiding for so long. Good Luck! :)
And just when I thought that @Charles Warmonk and I had covered most of the industry regarding POTCO/TLOPO guides. A wonderful potions guide, I especially enjoy how in-depth you went with each individual potion and their respective values.

Welcome to the community, and very well done.
Charles Warmonks' Guide to getting Spoon coming next.

But this is a expertly brewed guide for potions. Nice work @Tryhard :D
I kind of disagree with this, why would you focus on potions that require a large number of the same ingredient? I see you have a methodology, but does that method take less than 30 seconds for Bucko Brew II and less than 45 seconds for Bucko Brew IV? You can make Swift Foot III in about 30 seconds consistently so you're getting more rep by spamming Swift Foot III.

I got a better mastering potions guide, I got to max in 2 days of playing, I forgot to count how many hours I did potions each day, but I'd say at least 6.

Go to Port Royal and stay there.
Brew until you get Swift Foot I
Brew that until you get Swift Foot II
Brew that until you get Swift Foot III
Max out.
Make sure to sell your potions once you get 5 because you'll make quite a bit of gold on this while you're at it.
Also, I'd like to add that potions are the worst and need to get removed from this game, highly tweaked, or award you a legendary at lvl 20 or something.