Profile Photo Issue

If you click on a users profile photo while on their profile you will be redirected to a black screen with the photo in the center and no buttons to navigate off of the page without physically going back in the browser


Forum Mod
You can click the back arrow in most browsers

in order to be returned to the previous page.

Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl
Huh, I dont have the tray at the bottom because I use two screens and have the forums up on the secondary screen, but I do see the back arrow on my browser:

This is intentional (but I'm not really sure what purpose it serves). It just opens up their full-size profile picture as a direct URL, you should be able to navigate back using your browser.


if the top of your browser disappears for some reason (i don't see it in the screenshot you attached,)
you can always right click the empty space next to the picture and click 'Back'
('alt + left arrow key' works too (might only be for chrome, idk))
I have them, i just freehand snipped that and missed the buttons, it is just odd to me it seems to take you to a photo previewer with no navigation buttons to return or anything