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Tom O'fury

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Isn't it going against the code by using your own personal pictures as profile pictures? It shares quite a bit about yourself sense you are the only you. Does this site not endorse the Disney Code?
If you want to look at it from a literal point of view, we do not strictly adhere to Disney's 'House Rules' though it is our intention to maintain a PG-13 friendly community for game players. I am in favor of a more socially open community, and quite honestly I have gotten a lot of positive feedback because of it.

No one is forced, and I certainly hope no one feels obligated, to post pictures of themselves, for their avatar or otherwise, and from a more personal point of view, I don't think a picture says an awful lot about anyone.
Ok thanks, Was kind of a shocker to see so many Personal pictures on a Disney's Pirates Online Forums site. Not the usual thing for me. :D
Everyone on the site is intended to be over 13 years of age.With this in mind, it is perfectly fine to show any sort of avatar as your display picture as long it is family friendly. We are no better or worse than you-tube or facebook on this matter. You could be found yourself on youtube, you can choose whatever avatar you wish, same logic applies here, as long is not family inappropriate.

Pirates online obviously endorses you-tube, as a viable way to reach to their members. As you can see them actively providing feedback on their you-tube channel.

If you would like to show the human behind the pirate, we don't have a problem with that. If you want to show the pirate behind the human, we don't have problem with that ether. Our way to operate is a little different than older sites based on older ways. In no texts, rules or guidelines, Disney requires any 3rd party site to strictly Obey by their code. This is strictly an idea by their author (or at some level, a site copying the way other older sites operates). This is something some old fashion sites choose to do, it is their liking, we respect that, but we are in no way obligated to do what they do. Although we follow the ideas in general of the Disney Code we are not strictly binded. We are a free community.

Our community is an open community for all pirates, not just a select few. We are not a "premier" or "exclusive" service, nor we are operated by a company as other fan-site(s) are/is. Many people is accustomed to the old ways because there was nothing better out there before. Here we give pirates a real voice, a site strengthened and powered exclusively by pirates rather than some sort of franchise. Most of our community is powered and fueled by pirates, just like you and me.

Much of our success comes from ingenuity and not coping other sites failed policies. We are based merely on experience rather than coping other site sites. For example: We don't add rules unless we actually have a problem that trigger us to add that rule. This approach gives a fresh start to all pirates, where they can be free again. If a problem becomes a problems, then we proceed to take action on the matter. We don't put pirates on hostile environments just because other sites may do. We truly value our members, and everything they do for the community.

Not mentioning any names, just a testimony - myself was put in such hostile environment by other sites, we are not like them, nor we want to be. Our community exists today because of these failed policies - putting pirates in hostile environments, they were a great motivation for us, not to be like them!. Shocking is, that is very shocking.
Don't have many pics of me and just about all of them i have is me playing softball that my twin took.
<--- Is not a picture person.
I have had both a personal picture and a real picture. It is personal choice as to which one you want. I feel more comfortable with a pirate pic but I don't mind seeing a real picture.
i think a picture can speak a 1,000 words about a person,.....they not always as bad as they seeem:confused: