Queens anne revenge screenshot


Honorable Pirate
from the test
Why cant disney give us ships like this. Ps this ship looks awfully like the chinese warlords ship I forget his name.
i wish they made more realistic ships >_< i think the black pearl and the qar are the only 'realistic" ships yet
is more like 2 dreads or 2 jugys i think it depends in the crew lvl on board of the ship
Just watched the movie and the ship looks exactly like it does in the movie. I was watching movie and when they said queens annes revenge I was like woh what. Learned some new stuff about the ship and the sword riddle but dont worry I will not spoil any part of the movie
At first i thought the riddle thingy was the ship of the line. btw the ship looks actually like an actual ship unlike the "Ships" we have atm