Event Rubber Ducky Derby

Esmie Dreadbones

Guild Event: Rubber Ducky Derby
Hosted By: Rogue Gallery - Notorious Nell GM (all guilds are welcome to participate!)
When: 9/9 at 9pm Eastern
Where: Valor server, meet at French SvS island.
General idea: A chaotic SvS match with lots of tiny ships and huge egos!
Rules: Pirates pair up with one light sloop captain and one gunner per ship. No use of Leadership sailing skill allowed. All ships must stay within the boundaries of the SvS islands. Any guilds participating must split between French and Spanish sides. Launch on whichever side the game will allow at the time, if your preference isn't available.
Winner: Whomever has the most kills in 30 minutes.
Prize: Bragging rights, Infamy, and plenty of virtual rum!