Sailing Skill Points?

Jim Hexskull

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For one you should unlock Open Fire and the last two passive skills. Treasure Sense unlocked and Rank it at 3, Open Fire at Rank 2 and each Broadside at Rank 2. Mine isn't exactly the same but it's similar to what I've said. Sorry I don't have a screenshot.

Constance O'hara

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Depends on if it's for SvS or not.. or what type of ship.
take cover broadsides and ram should be maxed, or near maxed for the ram. open fire depends, mine is at 1 because it's personal preference, windcatcher should be maxed for running from bountyhunters/privateers/etc., and treasure sense is helpful for getting gold or loot. it actually even helps on-land...
that is just my opinion, but it is all personal preference.

Constance O'hara

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Found a recent screenshot of mine..
This is what I have- mine is mainly set for solo privateering on a warship but it works pretty well for regular plundering/etc.

Also, don't forget about charts/globes. They will add boosts to save skill points.

Constance O'hara

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So the maneuverability and speed is still good?
Yes, it is still good, but not as great as it could be.
For speed, a good idea would be to have lower rank broadsides and spend more on things like come about and full sail. I SvS alot on Andaba with public/friends on a war sloop and what I have up there still works good, and it is still fast even though the come about and full sail are low ranks. Good idea would be to get boosts for full sail, like boosts of 2 or so. It is helpful.

Sailing Maniac

Ok Guys . I have tested broadsides both left and right and upgrading them doesn't improve any power of any of your broadsides , so pointless applying any skill points in broadsides upgrading, better use these 10 skill points taken from right and left broadsides else where.
The proof is that when you shoot enemy ship with broadsides you see number above enemy Ship indicating damage you made.... try shooting ship with no skills applied in broadsides and then with 5 skill points applied in broadside to see that number will stay the same. my Broadside damage with standard cannonball is 650-1100 on 1 Pirate and 350-650 on other Pirate.. i have no idea why ... thats roundshot with 5 skill points inserted and no bonuses.
Also applying your cannon skills such as in round shot increases damage of your broadsides cannon balls and applying skills into rapid reload on cannon is increasing broadsides reloading speed.
You must have fast broadsides reloading-Taskmaster, Long Open Fire-to sink ships faster, Windcatcher and tacking for speed and Turning to escape attacks , Treasure Sense for getting more gold everywhere not just on sea. every other skill can have 1 skill point applied only, as for take cover,Come about and ramming speed and full sail as all these skills are only to help you to escape 1 shot of enemy broadsides or to run away from them... even if you max them all with 5 skill points in each the will not last long in off to save you from second broadside shot and will not deal much damage as for ramming speed any way.

P.S. if your ships broadsides don't fire special cannon balls like explosives upgrade your cannon skills applying 5 skills in roundshot , or if they do fire special ammo then apply 5 skills in ammo your ship shoots

Barrage and Shrapnel skills on cannon also don't improve anything for broadsides ....

Here is 1 and only Best way to apply your Sailing skills for both PVP and PVE
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I suggest fully upgrading open fire, get taskmaster, and don't put any points into broadsides or take cover. I think treasure sense works on both land and sea so it's worth putting points into that too. Overall it comes down to personal preference and what you want, but if you're really unsure, ask some people who have been sailing for a long time, as they know which skills are worth looking at vs skills that you can scrub off.