Savvy Pirates, Prove Yer Worth!


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Pirates must always be aware of their surroundings as you never know when trouble will strike ... so here is a scavenger hunt meant to test yer knowledge of the islands, its inhabitants and the many mysteries that lie in the Caribbean.
Below is a list of questions, puzzles and Pirates Online trivia that is sure to provide a challenge for all but the saltiest of old Pirates. Answer the mysteries below and post your reply on the message board. Be sure to include your exact Pirate name, Notoriety Level and Guild Name to ensure you get proper credit.
So ... how well do you know Pirates, Pirate?
1. We all know about the dog on Outcast Isle, but do you know where else our canine friend appears in game? (See Answer Below)

2. In Barbossa's Grotto, who is portrayed on the framed painting sticking out of Barbossa's treasure?

3. What happens on Port Royal if Jolly Roger wins an Invasion there? (See Answer Below)

4. In the secret storage room on Rumrunner's Isle, how many barrels are currently stored there?

5. Big Phil loves feeding his chickens. How many chickens does Big Phil have? (See Answer Below)

6. Sean Tones is a musician in the Royal Anchor Tavern on Port Royal who can play many requested songs. What is the fifth song on his music list?

7. Who leads the Marceline Guild? (See Answer Below)

8. Captain Job, in the Royal Anchor Tavern on Port Royal has a special distinction that sets him apart from all other Caribbean inhabitants. What is it?

9. What is the difference between repairing ships on land and repairing at sea? (See Answer Below)

10. We've gone to Doc Grog on Tortuga for some help, but can you identify who Doc's patient is on his backroom operating table?

Answer here:
Yeah but there are a lot of forums that have treasure hunts such as these which proves once again that they are hunting the forums to find ways of keeping us busy. This is something somewhat new to them.
I wish they would put some time and effort in to the actual game. The Ravens Cove quest was good, but definitely not long enough. We need a Black Pearl part two, or something of that length. I know I sound like I am whining, but I want more. The clothes are good, although, I have no idea where they get the titles of the clothes from. Shouldn't the January clothes be for the month of March? Since they do look Irish :)
I don't know, I thought the whole "treasure hunt" thing was kinda lame. It's like they were trying to come up with something else for us to do, but the people that always have the good ideas were off work that day... lol
I have to admit though, I did go and find the answers to the ones that weren't already answered, but now it's done and it's back to the normal things :p
I agree with Sven and Davy, it may be a little lame, but it gives me hope that they are checking out forums, looking at peoples ideas and things they would like to see added to the game. It's a small step forward which hopefully will lead to bigger and better things.:piratemickey:

Congratulations to the following Pirates:

Will Deckbane LVL 44 Bloody Redbones
Araya Sunshine, Lvl. 50, Fun in the Sun
Dovie The Victorious
Rose lvl 33 I N F E R N O
Rose Firescarlett
Misty, Level 44, Sky Melody
Tyler The Tyrant
Davy Darkrage (Spania) LV50
Meg O'Malley
Dustyoco LV 43 The Guardians
Capt. Adam

You've answered question #10: Identify who Doc's patient is on his backroom operating table? Correctly.

The answer is: "Le Cerdo is Doc Grog's patient" - Will Deckbane

Congrats Davy!
I answered to the one right I know it and right when it came out and yet my name isn't on the list :-(
Congrats Davy!
I answered to the one right I know it and right when it came out and yet my name isn't on the list :-(
Thanks. I answered all of them, but I think only the first ~10ish people to answer them correctly get credit. I additionally think it might be you can only win one, as I answered the questions regarding Captain Job and Sean Tones correctly, which were posted after Le Cerdo.

2 and 4 remain unanswered. I responded Weatherby Swann and 30, respectively.