Site Update 12/4

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A site update has been completed.

  • Redundant "Home" tab removed
  • Changes to newly updated avatars
    • Increased quality of newly updated avatars
    • Transparent/animated avatars now supported
  • New insert all images buttons
    • This will currently display even if you only upload a single image [Fix coming soon]
    • This will currently display on forms for Pirate Profiles [Fix coming later this week]
  • Style changes
    • Minor color changes
    • Improved speed slightly
    • Cleaned up a little
  • You may now choose to display the month and day of your birthday on your profile []
  • Other bug fixes
I have also changed the dynamics of how the style works. I have done the best I can to make sure the background change was unnoticeable, but if you notice anything out of place or any other bugs, send me a personal conversation here.
There have been some regressions with some elements of the style due to the new way it is loaded. These will be fixed tomorrow.
Not open for further replies.