So. You Guys Tell Me How Infamy Is Like :)


Honorable Pirate
I have not logged in for a-while and im not planning too. So what is Infamy like? Rewards? What is your personal opinion on it, is it satisfactory or is SVS not something your into. Looking foward to your posts!
its basiclly a lvling system for svs and pvp at each rank you get a new badge and you can buy something new from a peddler person ( like hats tattoos and coats )
Basically what Christopher said. There are 7 different ranks for both PvP and SvS, and as you rank up, you can buy different items. The merchants are at both SvS islands and Barbossa's Grotto.
i enjoy it. disney could have done better like maybe a reward would be extra skill points or a new command like open fire type of stuff ect.