Something I wrote back in 2011


Battles Lost

A Dark Age war poem by Rascal

Upon the field o' death you march,

first feeling fear as orders barked

With sword in hand, and stalwart heart

The battle... is the dying art.

"Let loose the dogs of war!" The cry

the want to go; to run, to hide

and never face the beast inside....

The hoard, the foe; the oncoming tide.

Then adrenaline pushing fear aside,

The anger, despair of those who've died

Fill you with rage, hate.... homicide

All for a kingdoms petty pride?

The clash of sword, and shattered shield

and cries of warriors who could not yield

Deafens the ear across the field;

So sickening.... The enemy's blood is spilled.

The battle goes forever on...

Til someone yells "The day is won"

Hate once again replaced by fear....

for the loss of those you held so dear.

At last, the homeward march begun,

behind.... the dead - The setting sun....

into the night, sad song is sung

Of battles lost, and victories won.