sotl $ issue

I really hope this is the case! One - because the limit is just too low to begin with... I've had max gold for way too long and nothing to spend it on! Two - I really don't feel like bankrupting myself for ONE ship purchase! :p
I have to disagree with having as much gold as you want. That would only remove the motivation to do anything to obtain gold, and eventually getting you bored faster. I think the idea would be to raised to a appropriate level, perhaps. No gold limit means you can have a million, and you don't ever have to plunder for gold again. Imagine how many pirates would stop plundering for gold.
I never plunder for gold :p I'm always full... I only plunder for weapons/ items :)

But umm.. I do agree there should be some sort of limit.
I think there has to be a limit. Its weird, you spend the first 3/4 of the game dirt poor and the rest of it with nothing to spend it on..LOL. As far as SOTL. I have my doubts it will ever get released. Its incredibly addictive as I have found myself wanted one ever since I first tried one out. I do think it requiring max gold is okay. There would have to be something that limits it in some way. I cant imagine an ocean full of them going after something like the gold fleet. Also, is it even possible for something to sink it? They have to come out with something that will challenge it in some way I think.
Ok true but still the gold limit should at least be 10000 gold more than the highest priced item if the ship of the line comes out that will mean u will spend all your gold and have nothing left that means no repares until u get more I think the gold should be 50000 or at least have a carrying limet and then have a place u can keep your gold like a chest u have to bye then put it on one of the islands Idk lol
ok so i was digging through the release notes and found this
  • We have raised the gold cap to 65000 to give people saving up for the War Frigate some space for additional gold so when they came out with the war frigate they raised the cap so they would most likely do the same with the sotl if it ever does come out.
i have over 120,000 gold and still going lol dont know what the cap is now but im not maxed yet lol
EDIT (Apr 20, 2011 at 12:12 AM):
i have over 120,000 gold and still going lol dont know what the cap is now but im not maxed yet lol
sorry i spent some lol


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Agrees pointless spending all of you money jsut to buy one thing then having to get it all again. There should be a bank or something.