Superbowl LIII | Pats vs Rams

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Superbowl 53 is tomorrow at 6:30 ET featuring the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. I personally don't care much for either team (go hawks) but I'd rather see the Rams win over the Pats. Who do you guys think is going to win?


Eric Sailcutter

Pirate Lord
Rams shouldn't even be in the Super Bowl so it's an automatic Patriots W for me :)
I think, even bad call getting them there, the Rams were fairly deserving. They were very good in the regular season, dominant in their division. They just peaked early and were on their way down at the end of the season which led me to think only the Saints were more deserving in the NFC, bad calls haunting the NFL these days. Of course the Chiefs were more deserving than the Pats in every way except history. Imo the Super Bowl should have been between the Saints and Chiefs and I bet more people agree with that than disagree.


Notorious Pirate
Aints had overtime to prove they belonged Brees threw an int. I've never seen a team so salty about a loss in my life. They purchased a bulletin board in ATL about how they should be there.

Jason O'Connell

Forum Mod
Definitely should've been the Chiefs. Having the Saints in the SB would have been cool too.

Definitely one of the worst SBs in recent history IMO.