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Tha Dark Knights

Ahoy mates! I'm new here, but i'm sure you will like me. :) Anyways, before I tell you guys about me guild, I should tell you about the GM, myself. My name is Jack, you can call me Jello. :) I have played since 2007, I have loved this game ever since I began on Dec. 31st of 07'. I have been in BIG guilds, small guilds, FUN guilds, and many more. But one thing I noticed is that guilds can only TRULY succeed, with a nice community. Sure look at INFERNO, but they don't have a nice community. I have seen amazing guilds in my time. Some that have a very dramatic community. I don't like that, I want a group of people that can be loyal to there guilds, follow the guidelines. Guilds are fun right? Don't you want a AWESOME guild? I sure do, so now lets talk about the guild.

Booo, here's the boring part lol. Anyways, I call them "Guidelines." Why? Well "rules" sound so strict. I don't wanna have a strict guild, besides I don't like strict teachers at school, do you? I don't. Here we go :
Here are some do's......

Do respect everyone in and out of the guild.
Do participate in guild events.
Do participate in invasions and treasure fleets with the guild.
Do listen to and respect the officers.
Do help someone who is in need.
Do have fun and play nice!

Here are some don'ts......

Don't ask to be an officer.
Don't cause drama in the guild.
Don't spy on other guilds.
Don't declare war with other guilds.
Don't teleport to someone WITHOUT permission.
Don't lie to someone in the guild.
Don't use caps for showing anger.
Don't leave the guild and come back.

Don't Just Sit Around And Do Nothing. You can be elsewhere helping other members, leveling up, doing quests, etc. If you're taking a break that's fine, but don't make the break, like, a week long.

Talk To Your Guild. Let them know that you need help, or want to hang out. It is understandable that when our guild gets more and more people it will be harder to help everyone out or hang out, but we can all try. Also, talking to your guild means asking questions in private or out loud. If you ask questions it lets everyone know that you are interested and want to help out with the guild.

Always Make People Feel Welcome. Never shut out a person from our guild. If they don't obey the rules then they can be left up to officers or the guild master.
Stay Up-To-Date On Events. Chats, Meetings, Etc. Show up to these things. If you can't make it just let another member know and they will hopefully inform the guild master or an officer who will be there.

Check This Site On a Constant Basis. There will be updates here if you haven't been on for awhile such as, achievements, new people on the ask before teleporting list, new polls, etc. Also, you can e-mail other guild mates to inform them about your whereabouts or to simply congratulate someone for an achievement.

Participate In The Guild's Site. Everyone from the guild should register to this site and help with it. We would love to read your testimonials, listen to your shout-outs, and talk to you in our chat rooms. You can also add pictures to our gallery (Note: Everyone will be able to see them) and help us schedule guild events. Remember to show up to those too.

Have Your Own E-mail. If you don't have your own e-mail then the guild can't send you messages about maybe your blog, how your doing in the guild, or to simply just want to chat to you. It's also very helpful to not just the officers, but also the members of our guild because then they can talk to you if you haven't been online or recently active on the website.

Don't Beg/Demand To Be An Officer. People who beg/demand to be an officer will most likely not be granted the permission to be and officer. Wait patiently to be approached by an officer or the guild master himself. Officer's will notice if you are doing exceptionally well, and ask if you would like to be an officer most likely in privacy, so we do not make others feel inferior.

Respect Everyone. This includes people outside the guild. We, as a guild, would like to have everyone feel as an equal, even if you are 1 or more levels above another person. Don't taunt or feel better than the person next to you. This also means, don't make fun of peoples names, clothes, tattoos, types of weapons, level of weapons, etc.

Recruit People. Even when you aren't an officer you can still help recruit people by asking friends or total strangers (it doesn't matter who) if they would like to join. At the time you may not be an officer, but prove yourself and you will be. For now you can ask an officer to teleport to you and recruit him/her. Every little bit counts and you could help make our guild more popular.

Don't Steal Reputation Points. Stealing reputation points (other wise known as rep. stealing) from anyone is 1) annoying 2) cheap and 3) worthless. If you rep. steal at all, basically the level that you are means nothing. You didn't earn that fairly and don't deserve it.

Hey look its the CHEEEEEEEEEEZY part of the guidelines, have FUN!

Wanna know about our past? We it's your luck day haha. Here is the guilds controlled by me. :
The Dark Lords
members : around 150
The Dark Knights
members : 50
Tha Dark Knights ( the original )
members : 210
I'm here to revive, my guild that was made back in 09', June to be in fact! We are a fun, loving, guild. But you really can't get that FUNNESS unless you join! See my old guild Tha Dark Knights was crashed, somebody deleted over 100 people in my guild :( Soooooo you don't have to put in your main pirate but just maybe put in a baby pirate! :)
Ranks & Promotions
Here is the part you guys all like, being PROMOTED! :) Here is the ranks :
Member - achieved by joining the guild lol
Veteran - You have been in the guild for a MONTH and have been active and helpful to people
Officer - You have been in the guild for 2 MONTHS and have done everything listed above and have shown leadership!
Party Veteran - You are the assistant to the "Party Officer"
Party Officer - You plan events, parties, and much more. :)
Senior Officer - You have been in the guild have a very long time and have shown spectacular leadership through your time!
The Group - These people are selected by me to be in this group, there will watch over the guild. If they think somebody needs to be promoted, we will vote on it. Or I will just promote them. :)
Co-GM - Only 2 can hold such a position. You will be picked by me.
GM - When i'm taking a break from the game, one of the Co-GMs will be promoted to GM.
Yep there you go!
BONUS RANK : Dark Knight is a like a rank, but is kind of a title. Once you have done the job, helped, and shown leadership. You will receive this special title that I will give you
Be talkitive, we don't want you to just be a silent shadow.
You have 2 WARNINGS. If you break one of the rules, you will be given 2 warnings. Once you break both of them, YOU have 1 more chance to be good. Once you have broken the rules 3 times, your terminated. :( Other words you will be ejected from the guild ASAP. There's not much to this section haha. Anyways here's the guild!


Charlotte Truebonney

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Sounds like a great guild, you have some very good guidelines Jello. Welcome to the forums, looking forward to more of your members joining and best of luck with your guild. :piratemickey:


I was originally in Tha Dark Knights, it was great until somebody crashed it in 2010. Then Jello and I decided to revive it again. Were trying our hardest to recruit new, fresh pirates! I love this guild, I remember before it was crashed, we had fun time raiding Kinghead, parties, and more. Thank you, for the luck, we will need it :)