The Fabled Begenning

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
well I might as well start with my pirates story it started one day in 2007 when i started my journy (im not going to waste the little time i have to write this by checking spelling and grammar) it was alot different then so no will turner on the rambleshack actually he shouldnt be on rambleshack in the first place

I awoke on a cold floor in a dark cell with the only light i had to see was the moonlight that flooded through the window i took a good look around when i noticed someone was in the cell with me his shadow covered me i thought i must be dreaming i closed my eyes in an attempt to wake up and then i felt someone breathing on me and i opened my eyes to realised this was not a dream and that the man in the cell with me was actually captain jack sparrow he helped me to my feet and told me to pull myself together i quickly put my shirt and longcoat back on and he then asked for my name i came up with the most rediculous thing i could think of captain hi and all of the sudden the ground soon shook beneath us as jack kicked the door down the last words i heard him say on that island were that i better get out of range of the cannon fire he ran off in a hurry as i was left wondering who it was that was here to get me when the ground shook again and i knew i had to get out now so i exited the jail without seconds thought only to come outside to see the island being bombarded by cannonfire i sprinted across the bridge unable to hear my own footsteps i ran down the path untill i met a man who called himself bo beck he explained to me that jack had asked him to take me to port royal in his place litlle did i know of the terror that would come in the short time we had left beck taught me how to use a cannon and told me to practice on some abandoned and half sunken ships when all of the sudden an eerie fog had rolled in and out of no where a ship with torn sails and decaying wood appeared beck yelled out it's jolly roger and before i could say a word the menacing captain was already on the ship it was only then i found out beck had planned to betray jack and that jack payed him double so i could take his place i backed up as much as i could untill jolly had used some kind of magic to turn bo beck into one of his undead minions to this day i dont know why he let me live but after that all i remembered was a plunge into the water and a little bit of swimming before i blacked out and found myself on the beach of port royal...

i will try to continue my story when i get the time enjoy the picture of me im basic now though so i no longer look like that
I will try to get the next part of the story in tomorrow but im gonna change the combat to make things more interesting
Part 2 (im not used to writing in first person so im gonna do my usual third person now)

he stood up and blocked the glare of the sun from his eyes he walked a little before remembering what captain jack sparrow had told him he said once he got on port royal to go see tia dalma in the woods behind the graveyard so captain hi walked past a few houses and noticed a graveyard but it was a graveyard like no other he saw many creatures skeletons in fact digging through the ground dirt flew everywhere he quickly ran through teh graveyard to the woods only to see tia dalma facing him as he entered she told him that he had a torch of destiny in him and that he must help jack get the pearl back she thne gave him a compass told him to go to will turner to get a sword and then kill some of the skeleton's he has seen earlier so after he exited the woods he noted that the number of the skeletons in the graveyard had gone up he then knew that they were digging the graves up he was about to punch one when he heard a pistol shot the skeleton fell and a group of people weilding swords came in as the grave diggers saw this they were ready for a fight captain hi decided he would join and as every single person in that graveyard swung there swords at the enemie he doged a slash from a skeletons sword and put his hands on the skeletons bony shoulders and put his leg behind his and kicked back he then ran twoards the wharehouse and as soon as he entered and light flooded through captain hi saw a sword that was pointed at him then will turner said to himself "hmm unarmed wait youre jacks friend" he then pulled out a rusted dull cutlass and handed it to captain hi he then put his blade in its sheath as captain hi did the same he heard a band on the door a soldie telling him to open up turner told captain hi to run and that they werent after him so he did and as he exited onto the soft dirt ahead he remembered he had to defeat the skeletons he then dashed twoards the graveyard for the gravediggers he slashed his way through them before one saw him coming the gravedigger parried his attack and attempted to strike captain hi but it was skillfully blocked captain hi then swung his blade in an attept to have them clash durring the clash he moved his feet back to sweep the gravedigger to the ground it had succeeded he found some gold on the gravedigger and decided to go into town he was amazed by how much he could buy but as he was about to enter two navy guards stopped him they then attacked him without warning captain hi swiftly moved out of the way only to see another bayonet coming twoards him he grabbed the bayonet and pushed it aside his hand was cut now and soon after blood covered it he punched the navy soldier in the chest making the soldier stumble grabbed the bayonet that the soldier had dropped and and swung it across his head the soldier fell to the ground unconcious soon more navy soldier had arrived captain hi ran into the streen hoping to loose them he ran as fast as he could at a wall and ran straight up jumped up grabbed the ledge and pulled himself up he was now on top of the building he had to go somewhere and he saw a mansion up ahead he thought that he could hide in a barrel so he hoped over a few buildings before he saw navy soldiers guarding the mansion he drew his sword jumped down from the building and all the soldier rushed twoards him he tried to parry the flurry of attacks that was coming down on him but was unable to block them all after they had become exausted he proceded to attack he brought his blade down to one of the soldies chest and then knocked a soldier out when he he swung the hilt to a soldiers head but the last soldier remaining quickly dealt another blow and then again twoards captain hi's rib cage and again to his legs the soldier had every attack doged and parried but captain hi didnt know how long it would be before more arrived the soldier than swung at his head captain hi quickly ducked under it and slid behind the soldier captain hi became a blur to the soldier now unable to catch up he waited for him to come out captain hi ran into the mansion only to find release orderes for the pearl when he reached for them a hand came down on his and suddenly he was staring into the face of elizabeth swann captain hi explained what he needed to do elizabeth agreed to let him go and told him where he could get his new ship (well this is all really the basics of it so you know what happens next barbossa gives me a pistol and a coin and shoots me while undead skipping to the last part before i left for a month or two)

[FONT=%value]The hunt for the kraken
[FONT=%value]well it started as a day with my friend when he told me he heard someone say he saw davy jones and the kraken(game history lesson for those of you who dont know the kraken was actually in the game durring early beta but removed it appeared when the timer on your ship ran out) so as soon as i got on the game captain hi launched his light galleon the black dragon and sailed twoards padres del feugo (i was not aware that it was padres at the time)he was not afraid to take on any challenge by the time he got near padres he waited for any sighn of the kraken or davy jones so he docked in hopes he would find them at the volcano but all he found was a town he then sailed back twoards tortuga when he realised nothing was there and after he sailed away from the caribbean leaving behind his adventures for another day[/FONT]