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The Gospel Of GM Carlos

Not sure if there will be a part II.

Well, it was in 2008; I had seen a few ads on TV, from time to time about playing POTCO, but never really payed any attention. But one day I had been doing so much work and I felt very accomplished, that I decided to take some air and just relax for a bit, then I saw an ad came up again. I Swear that I didn't want to check it out, but I did it anyways.

I visited, and created an account, downloaded the game and logged in. I had never played an "MMO" game before, this was the first time. I was not familiar how such games operated, I didn't realize I could talk with other players, though it was a split second that took to figure it all out.

As a developer myself it is not hard to expand my mind to all sort of functionaries, and operations interactivity wise, and concept wise.

So I just logged in from time to time, I had no intention on becoming "unlimited", I wasn't planning to play for long either. I just like to check things out, figure them out, and move on.

I was just a level 4, when this girl approaches me to join her guild, "Mary Firewalker" is her name, from the Red Blood Roses guild, later became "Red Roses Reborn".

Most of what I ever did in the game is explore around and level up my doll, when I first got my doll, it was all sword, but then it was all about my doll, nothing else.

She being my first GM, Mary Firewalker; I didn't realize how a guild operated. Though something that I always had was, I always attracted new people to join; I also did that, for no reason. I just always approached new friends and just about everyone who I came to be friends with; I would ask them to join. Just natural behavior.

I didn't know what a "Guild Master" was, nor I knew what an "Officer" meant. Back in these days it was very easy to get suspended from the game. So one time I got "banned" for using certain words, things that now days you don't get banned for.

I really dedicated alot of time for leveling, and I got to the point of being a level 28.

But to that date, I was still just "experimenting" checking things out. I was rather freaked out, thinking I must of have done something terrible, to get "banned".

So I never logged in again.

It was 6 months later when I payed another visit to the game, and at this time I still didn't know what a "GM" or "Officer" was.

But this time I was already familiar with many things, so I decided to start again, and I enjoyed a lot, leveling my pistol, and decided I would not level my doll. ( I like to switch things around)

So when I came back, I had no guild, and I had no problem with it. I went guildless until I reached level 20. Yes a couple of times I accepted a couple of these random "guild invites", but I loved my pride of being guildless.

One time someone sent an invite from a guild so called "GANSTERS", and I felt it would be interesting to be in it.

So I joyfully joined, and I loved showing off, and looking cool with just seeing how people reacted at me being a so called "GANGSTER". But that guild was pretty dead, I continued trying to guild people, but there were no officers online, I never met the GM, and took 1 day to get a hold of an officer, at the time I still didn't know that was a bad thing, I didn't know a guild had to have a GM or anything like that. You could call me a gangster but I was never rude to anyone or anything like that.

So about 3 days later in May the 12th, I remember there was conflict, someone was really rude to me, and the problem had to do with the guild he was in. I don't recall what was the issue, but that guy tried to make me feel inferior because of the guild he was in.

Around were someone name Simon from The Dark Mist guild, and two other guys, a guy name Griffin from Mongers guild, and a guy name enforcer from Mcraging guild. And they had witnessed the conflict; that very conflict triggered me to propose to start a new guild - to Simon and Griffin. Something we all had in common, the four of us spoke Spanish.

Simon had agreed that he would be the Guild Master, and Griffin and I would be officers. I was not kidding, and was ready to get started. Though we were dished by Simon - - after some negative comments from Enforcer, saying we had no Idea; and that we would never make it; and that it was not something we should do - and he was not going to join us, so when Simon dished us, so I took responsibility of becoming the GM.

Griffin and I were discussing possible names for the guild. In the names list I recall "Hispanics", "La Raza", "Spanic".. so I tried a few of these names.. we were looking for something that related to us, as Spanish Speaking people with roots from Latin America.

I submitted a few names and they all were taken. So at the end, I honestly did not know what I had submitted, because I tried so many.

I went ahead and Left the "GANSTERS" and created the new guild. Then I still counted with Griffin, but Griffin said he couldn't join right away. And I was left by myself as a "Guild Master".

I never had ambition on becoming a GM, so I didn't choice the role, it choose me. That very night, I was banned for 3 days. I still don't recall the cause of the ban, but I suppose it was because of the conflict. I never wanted to be a GM, I never even thought about it.

I had forgotten all about it, after these 3 days. I had no Idea I had created a guild. When I logged in I saw a message pop-up on my screen saying - guild name "Spania" was approved.

The first time I saw it, I loved it. It was just me, as a new guild master. Without guild master or officer experience. I didn't even know how to guild people, though it wasn't hard to figure out. I am very quick at maneuvering the mouse so I just click everything, and find out what "features" are available.

I guess we all have a story to tell! And I like yours.

As a newbe to the guild I'm thinking you are doing a great job as Guildmaster.

I think the guild has great meaning and should continue to be something we all can be proud of on the leaderboard. Just never forget everybody has a story to tell and I know you wont.

Thanx for sharing!
great stoey Treasurer and as you say sometimes things work out for the best....looks like you had a short learning curve for what makes a guild great :D and from that you have made Spania into what we all see today and ty for the story great to hear your perspective on the beginning origins of Spania
Wonderful story.
Sometimes..."fate"...has a funny way of deciding for us the responsibility that we are given ;).
*I enjoyed reading this testimony &_glad that you took the time here to explain how you became involved into playing POTCO & in also developing one of the most successful guilds that I know within the game!
lol i love how everyone remembers there first day.. all i remember was i was bored.. decided to join and died a million times hahaah the end :D