Guide The hidden prison dog 'Chopper'


A lot of you may remember Chopper 'prison dog' from PotC. Well, in TLOPO the dog can be found, which a lot of people don't know. The dog can be found in two places.
First, I'll show you what the dog looks like and then where he can be found.

Now the two places he can be found:
1. Outcast Isle - The dog can be seen sitting on the edge of the small island apart from the two larger islands.

2. Rambleshack - You may be like, what is Rambleshack? When you created your character and had to leave the prison and go to the ship, you probably didn't even notice. The dog can be seen in the cell to the right, however I don't know if TLOPO still spawns you in the jail when you create your character.

Happy hunting for this little guy if you didn't know about him and credit to Pirates Online Wiki for the photos.