The Legend of the Mystical Guardian

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Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Chapter 1
Mystical Guardian... some say the the captain is in cahoots with Jolly or the EITC, spying on pirates for a big future plan to destroy piracy, and privateering. These rumors all started on a dark, eerie night. The fog was rolling in on the privateering islands. "This is quite odd." says Morganna, a Spanish privateer. "There usually isn't fog near the islands!" they could hear an ominous sound, unexplainable and very eerie. "What's going on, Captain Morganna?" asks Dog, a gunner on Morganna's ship, the Crimson Starlight. "I don't know, Dog. But, whatever it is, it's not normal."
In the distance, a large shape shone in the moonlight. Then, all of a sudden, it disappeared. "That was also quite odd...." says the stressed privateer captain. Then, it reappeared and started to quickly make it's way to their War Sloop. "Morganna, we might want to leave! That war frigate is moving unnaturally fast!" says Rita, another one of the Starlight's many gunners. "Man the sails!!! Load your cannons with all your ammo!!!! This is gonna be a tough fight, mates!" The eerie war frigate came into view within seconds. It immediately started to attack, fury pounding the smaller war sloop. The Starlight began to run, the mysterious warship pursuing it quickly. "Patch the holes!!!! I'm gonna turn her!!" shouts Morganna Warhawk, straining her voice over the wind. Then, the enemy ship rams their ship so hard, it lifts the Starlight out of the water and sends it flying, forcing it to land upside down, sails in the water. They could hear the fury pounding their helpless sloop to splinters. The few living crew members hung onto wood planks, watching the mystical ship sail off into the fog. (To be continued)
Chapter 2
Morganna and her crew, which had been reduced to just her, Rita, Dog, and Joseph, made it back to Tortuga, rescued by a passing merchant ship. They started spreading the story of what had happened. Most didn't believe, saying it was just something they made up for attention and pity. "It's true!" says Rita. "I saw it with my very own eyes! Still don't belive me? Go get a privateer license and see for yourself! You won't last a second with that massive warship loose on the seas! " said Rita, distressed by the lack of belief. "Fine. I'll go ask Garcia de la Avaricia as soon as I get my ship fixed." said a local bartender.

It was a crisp, clear evening when the Red Viking started it's first privateering journey. "Hmm! Been two hours and I still have not seen any evidence of a ship large enough to throw enemies out of the water." said Captain Hench, the bartender at Snake's Poison. They continued sailing near the French isle, seeing nothing but small light ships that they sunk with ease. Then, a huge warship came into view, sailing directly from the Deathly Waters, somewhere no ship dared ever venture. "What is that, Captain Hench?" ask a scared crewman. "Probably a regular warship, doesn't look like a threat. And besides, if it's coming from that direction, it must be badly injured. Let's take it out and steal it's cargo.. and maybe put the crew to work." said Hench with a smile. But, when the French privateer got closer, they saw it's ragged sails, bowing planks, mold growing on it's broken hull, and most of all, the very intimidating crew. "That's not normal!!!!" shouted another crewwoman. "MAN YOUR STATIONS! SHOOT ALL YOU GOT! WE CAN TAKE IT!!" But, even shooting from every single gun on their war frigate, it was to no avail. The crew of the enemy privateer boarded their ship, stole their loot, and killed them all. They left nothing. The last thing the crew of the Viking saw was the gleaming eyes of the deadly captain as it snarled orders at her enslaved crew. (To be Continued)
Chapter 3
The rumors of the ship has come and gone. The Spanish privateers are gathering a meeting and will plan their assault. Morganna and her crew, along with the legendary privateers have given this ship a name. Fuerza Destructora, meaning Juggernaut in Spanish. They named it that because of it's appearance and because of the way it destroys anything near the Deathly Waters.
It was a cold, uninviting winter morning. The Spanish fleet assembled, acting as a barracade, destroying enemy privateers and merchant ships. The Fuerza was nowhere to be found. Then, they heard a growling noise, and the ship soon appeared as they neared Deathly Waters. The ship didn't attack. It was shrouded in fog, but they knew instantly that it was the Fuerza. "Look! It's a big coward! Come on, mates. Let's show this coward who's boss." shouted the captain of the Golden Conqueror, Lord Pedro Herrera Delgadillo Duarte Salazar. The Fuerza slowly came towards them, then, huge sea monsters swam from under it's hull and swarmed the spanish fleet. They killed half of the monsters, but the Fuerza attacked, taking them out with ease. Only two crews made it out of the eight that went. They swam back to the island, shaking with fear. " I shall never set foot on another privateer ship ever again." says Lord Pedro. Then, a woman with a white coat that was laced in gold came up to them. "What's going on here, may I ask?" she says in a lovely british accent. "The Fuerza destroyed our fleet...." says one of the crewsman. "Now, what is the Fuerza?" They told her all about it. "Well, what are your names? They call me Constance O'hara." They stated their names.

The seas were warm as Constance launched her ship. It has wonderful details. Gold-plated masts, rich, ivory helm, stained glass windows, silk sails, iron hull braces, and a beautiful headpiece that resembled a lion stretching out it's massive paw to claw at the skies. The crew asked what she called this masterpiece. "The Mystical Guardian." she replied, with a smile. "Wait a second," asked a gunner," your the captain of the Guardian?" she frowned. "Why, of course I am! What other pirate could captain such a beautiful ship? Now, let's get down to sinking this beast ship!" she said. They thought she was crazy. After all, the Fuerza sunk a fleet of legends. One War Frigate won't sink the thing, they had thought. "You're gonna risk this beauty against that beast ship and it's monsters???" shouted her gunner. " If you don't wanna risk dying, get off my ship. Now." Constance said slowly. "Fine. Good luck dying." they all left.

She sailed towards the large ship. Not an ounce of fear, no way. She could hear the captain laugh, probably surprised someone would risk such a beautiful masterpiece. "SINK IT! RIP IT'S MASTS OFF, TAKE THE HELM AND THE HEADPIECE!!!! STEAL THE HULL BRACINGS!!! AND WHILE YOUR AT IT, BRING ME THE CAPTAIN." she could hear the Fuerza's captain cackle. She then heard something odd noise on her ship. She quickly peered over the railing to see Dog patching a hole in the ship. "What are you doing here??? I thought I told you all to leave!" she said. "No, you didn't Constance. You told us to leave if we were afraid of dying. I'm not." Dog replied. "Fine. Don't be mad at me if we end up at the ocean's floor." she snapped. The ships engaged in battle. The Guardian was getting pounded, but the iron bracings came in handy. They took out the Fuerza's sails and masts. The Fuerza's captain ordered them to board Mystical Guardian. "BRING ME THE CAPTAIN OF THAT SHIP! THROW THE CREW INTO THE BRIG!" She started to get a bit scared, but didn't let it show. The juggernaut privateer's crew boarded. She heard someone shout her name, but she had blacked out.
Chapter 4
Constance awoke to a smelly odor and an aching head and back. She was on the floor in the brig of the Fuerza. She was confused. She was the captain. She should be in the top deck, the crew should be down here. "What's going on...?" she sais in a tired voice to herself. "Your in the brig of the Fuerza, bilge rat. Your captain is with my captain now." Constance was startled,but quickly saw the guard. "But, I'm the captain....!" she said, still confused. "Hmm... really? Then why ye down here? Ye be lyin' to me?" said the undead brig guard. "Where is my crewmate?" she asked. "Ye mean the one that thinks he can outwit our captain? If so, probably dead by now." She was shocked. This was all her fault. She should not have blacked out from the stress. "You have to be lying to me. I am the captain, I should be dead" she said, focusing on some far thing that nobody else could see. "I be telling ye the truth, prisoner. I shall go see the captain about your crewmate." The guard cackled, then walked off, laughing about her misfortune.

She was woken up by yet another odor. She fell back, because the captain of the Fuerza was right in her face. "Ye be asking 'bout yer crewmate, eh??" growled the captain. She didn't answer. She was too mad. "Answer me, ye scurvy dog!"
"Yes, I was askin' 'bout me crewmate... Ye got a problem with it?" she said, standing up and reaching for her sabre. Finding it wasn't there, she panicked.
"Arr ye really t'ink I would let ye keep ye sword? Stupid girl."
"I'm not stupid, ye be the dumb one here"
"Arr, talk to me like that one more time and yer crewmate will die."
"My crew is still alive?"
"Yes, and if ye want them to live then i suggest ye shut ur mouth!"
"Fine. But where are they??"
"I'll take ye to them if ye swear to not try anything funny!"
"I swear."
*******(TO BE CONTINUED)*******
Chapter 5

The captain lead her up to a hidden passageway, and through a creaking door. The room smelled of rotten wood and a strong smell of undead. "DON'T TALK BACK TO ME, BILGE RAT!" shouted an undead cannoneer. She wondered what was going on. "Move o'er, stupid cannoneer!" snapped the captain. "Yes, cap'n." said the cannoneer. The undead crew moved over to make way for their captain. She saw familiar weapons hanging on the wall, and rocgonized them to be hers and Dog's weapons. Before she could ask where Dog was, a loud BOOM sounded outside. The captain and his crew ran outside, leaving Constance and Dog in the room. "What's goin' on?" he asked. "I don't know! I was just in the brig, though I'm the captain."
"I told them I was the captain."
"To make sure you were safe."
" I told you not to."
"You don't always listen to me, so why should I always listen to you, hmm?"
"Ugh. Hate it when you're right..."
"OK, enough joking around, we need to get out of here."
"How??" Constance felt another boom, and she felt the ship going down. "We're sinking!" she said. The crew of the ship flooded the room. She needed a weapon, but they were gone. She flet something on her coat, though. Constance pulled the item out, and realized it was the legendary Behemoth Blade. She quickly wiped out the crew, then her and Dog jumped into the ocean and were picked up by a privateer.

Back on Tortuga, Morganna and her crew congratulated them on their escape. She found out her ship had sunk, and she was depressed. "We'll get you another one, Constance." said Dog. " That ship was one-of-a-kind, how?" she said. "We will somehow.." then the shipwright said, "I'll make one, free of charge, if you find the supplies."
20 years later.
Constance is now 48 years old. Morganna had become a legendary spanish privateer, and Rita had settled down and had four children, all of them following her footsteps as pirates. Constance and Dog had married, living in their mansion that they had bought with the bounty they got for sinking and killing the Fuerza and her captain.
Yes ... You should continue on with what happened in those 20 years.

Also, it was kind of 'disconnected' of the last sentence: "... that they had bought with the bounty they got for sinking and killing the Fuerza and her captain." She did not sink the Fuerza; she was on it. Other ship/ships caused the loud booms ... so how come she could get the bounty?
Great story!
yea, my wording isnt real good, and its also a rough draft... i just needed some opinions on this, thinking 'bout making a better version that makes more sense and publishing it... lol i agree, it's not that good:facepalm: