The Piractical Conspiracy

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
Abassa, home to many of the saltiest sea dogs that sailed on white water. Every crook from the far reaches of Cuba, to the privateers of the gun-smoked isles of Isla de la Averica and Ille D'Etable de Porc. Even a few of the escaped citizens that escaped the horrors of Raven's Cove made it here, even if they lost most of their sanity in the process.
In this sea, pirates here don't pillage as much as they parley. On the docks of the pirate town of Toruga, hundreds of rouges converse. Some talk of treasure they collected. Others laugh at jokes made by there shipmates. They is a spirit of good nature here among the pirates yet any civilised man would believe it to be chaos. They have good reason to think that.
On the beach is two gangs of pirates each yelling insults at each other.
"A pox on your ship, cur!"
"I'll cut ye like a Sunday feast!"
I usually don't care for the wild sea of Abassa yet I do like to hear the talk of the people. That is how I, captain of the Silver Strider, came to dock in this foul ocean.

As I watched a brawl play out by the docks, a mate dressed in black whispered into me ear, "Are ye with a Company." A younger me would be offeneded for this matter of piratcal betrayal, but in time I learned to accept there concerns.
"Nay," I said bluntly.
"Would the man like to conduct a bit of buisness in the tavern?" he spoke like a true gent.
"I'll go anywhere with rum," I mumbled as I followed him to the docks.
We walked inside the dimly lit tavern and I flipped a coin to a barmaid who handed me a tankard of rum. The man in black took a mug of ale.
"What's ye price to sail with me?" he said with a grin.
Ah a sailing venture, I thought, Pity. I hoped it would be something more.
"Depends to where ya headed," I said as I sipped my rum.
The man chuckled like thunder and replied, "After a man named Leon."

To be continued...
"Leon? Who is this, sailor?" I said, with a frown.
The man in black look beyond me. He seemed to be miles away.
"Years ago, a mate named Leon was a pirate. He fought off a few British troops in Fort Charles before facing the noose. As he awaited his well deserved fate in prison, a mate named Cutler Beckett, Lord and Head of the East India Trading Company, came to see him. Beckett offered him an offer to escape the noose. Leon would persuade pirates to act as double agents an trick pirates into the hands of the Crown. Soon he made a whole guild of pirates acing as the foul Company."
I heard of this guild, The Company Empire. They used rougished methods to gain treasure and power for the Company. Some said the East India Trading Company is more piratical than the sea dogs that haunted the docks of Tortuga.
"And you want me to help you attack him?" I said with a smirk. Many tried to stop him but he was a hard man to find. What would increase are chances of finding him?
To be continued...
I stared at him for a long hard moment, studying him to see what game he was playing.
"Don't think me daft for taking this venture," he muttered.
"I think your on a noble quest," I said, turning my attention to the far corner, "but it would soon turn to be a fool's errand."
I could feel the anger pulsing through his veins, like lava oozing out of a volcano. I readied my sword but he didn't strike.
"Well mate," he sighed, "if ye change your mind meet me in the Company's Trading Office at sunset, alright?"
I nodded as I arose from my chair. I knew I would never see him again. As much as I like the thought of overthrowing Leon, I like living to much.

On the beaches of Tortuga I ran into a slim fellow. He wasn't much of a sword fighter but he was an experianced sailor and a musket strapped on his back. He had the makings of an expert marksmen.
"Ahoy!" he called as I walked by him.
"Ahoy!" I replied politey.
"Will the mate make a donation? It's a worthy cause!" The fellow was loud.
I sighed, "Do I appear to be a politican at Westminister? I am now hearing a case of street urchins that live on the streets? God stap me heart and blind me if I give up a coin."
The sailor growled but choked his anger. "Is it not custom for a king to ask his subjects for taxes? I'm collecting money so King Leon may live through a prosperous regin!"
My eyebrows raised, "King Leon?"
"Aye!" he said as he examied his musket, "God bless Pirate King Leon!"
"Only the Brethern Court may elecet a king, you sod!" I said.
The sailor man laughed, "The Court will fade into the passing waves of the Company's power. Join us and live in a new golden age of prosperity!"
This man was obivously filled with all these notions from the lying tounges of the thugs, assasins and other agents of the Trading Company.
"Bugger off!" I yelled. My anger rose quickly as I shoved him out of me way.
The mate didn't take kind to that at all. He aimed his musket at my chest.
"If ye won't give up your loot or join the ranks of distinguish men of the Company Empire, then die where you stand, lobster!"
I dove to the ground and grabbed his legs, pulling him to the sand. Quick as a flash, I stood up and pointed my cutless at his throat. A trickle of blood ran down his neck.
"Tell your king he will lose his crown," I said through gritted teeth. I let him go and watch as the dog scappered off and making towards his ship.

I made my way to the Trading Office. Shouts, laughter a pistol shots could be heard down the street. I open the door and was surpised to find dozens of pirates around the man in black.
"Ahoy, mate! Welcome to this mere paracel of rogues!" he said with a laugh that was echoed by the other pirates. I walked by and almost tripped over the body of a dead navyman.
"We will strike Leon swiftly and make his death long and agonizing, am I right?" he said with a smile.
"AYE!" yelled the pirates.
"We shall meet here in one months time and until then, spread the word and become infamous!" he roared. The pirates cheered and left, leaving me and the man in black.
"I take it your with me then?" he said.
"Aye, that miserable sod deserves to be overthrown, even if we get killed in the process," I said grimly.
"Excellent!" he said as he took a drink of rum.
"One more thing mate, what's your name I said?" with a curious smile.
"They call me Zeke Davies, captain of the Red Queen!" He seemed to be more cheerful now. And with that our feirce brothood was formed. And although I never met Leon, I hope he knows we're after him...
The public would be pleased to know this story is somewhat true. A few things like the name Zeke Davis and my running into the sailor is fake, the rest is actual fact.
wait this old captain leon or new captain leon cuz idk the old captain leon i left the game before that all i know is that i cant go onto a ideal server without seeing an eitc wanna be captain fear next time u see one of them plz tell them THEY CANT BE EITC ONLY PIRATES from captain hi
I would love to, dear shipmate! And I think the bloke was talking about the current Leon
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