The Story Of Roberto Garcia And Adrienne Le Peur (cont. Of 'jason Shipmonger Story')

Jason Shipmonger

Honorable Pirate
Roberto Garcia was the son of a Spaniard General, (Leon De La Garcia) Garcia always loved to sit in Leon's lap and hear him tell the story of his fathers's dangerous missions. He loved to dwell a sword, especially a Cutlass. Garcia would grow up to be one of the most notorious spanish generals to live in the Caribbean. His mother died while giving him birth, but his father was the father and the mother for Garcia. Leon died in a battle between the french captains. Garcia De La Avaricia, Leon's right hand man took Roberto under his care, and he was trained to fight and battle like a true Spaniard General. At the age of 19 Garcia was sent to fight the french, thus is where he earned his notoriety and respect. He soon was one of the most relied captains for ship battles, and land battles. One day between a war with the french, he found a woman, scared out of her mind, crouched down in a little house. Garcia immediatly fell in love with her. Her name was Adrienne Le Peur, daughter of a french War General. Garcia knew this love was not allowed, but he still loved her in a secret romance. Garcia and Adrienne moved to Isla Perdida, where no one could find them, there they lived. Soon then they gave birth to a child, but sadly, Adrienne died of giving birth to young Jason. One day, Jolly Roger struck the island with undead, and Garcia protected him with his life, but died.
Adrienne Le Peur was the daughter of a well respected french general, (Jacques Le Peur) and her mother was a well known french gypsy (Victoria Le Peur). Jacques often didn't stay with Adrienne and her mother, for this was he was out in war. Jacques did survive many different wars, and every time returned to the house. Victoria loved to make potions and create spells for her clients. The first weapon Adrienne learned to use was a Voodoo Doll. It was hand crafted by Victoria with special un-breakable curse thread, blood from the best undead gypsy/witchdoctor doctors. Adrienne then learned she was one of the strongest french children in the Caribbean. One day, Spaniard Generals, Captains, Bandidos, Lieutenants attacked there base. While her father and mother were battling, she hid in a little cottage, she was very afraid, for thus she has never been in a war. Then a man Berto Garcia found her, he then took her to be his wife, and they loved each other so much. Sadly, Le Peur died giving birth to Berto's son...
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