The Tale Of Emily Waveprint

Emily Waveprint

Honorable Pirate
The tale of Emily begins at her house on Tortuga, neighbors of Bonitta's Tattoo Parlor.

The sky was becoming of a navy blue, just as Emily walked back inside the house. The house was as old as the Earth itself, made of old wood planks that creaked my every step or bang. She set down some of the laundry she had been doing outside and sat down to rest her aching bones, tired or labor and work.

Just then, her husband walked inside and dropped his leather vest down on the chair next to her. He seemed exhausted from his days work as a blacksmith outside of town closer to the Faithful Bride. He sat down and sighed. Just then two young children walked in and were panting of tiredness.

" Emily, have you finished the laundry yet? I must have my clothes done before tomorrow." James, Emilys husband.

" No I have not finished the laundry because ive also had to tidy the house, begin preping dinner, and clean up after the children." She replied in an anguished tone.

" Well go get it done then. I need it tomorrow otherwise I aint got no clothes for tomorrow!" James said standing up and walking out the house.

With that, Emily grabbed the clothes she was ordered to clean, and walked outside to the bucket of water she had just fetched. While she cleaned, she thought. She day dreamed of being free from her husband telling her to do this and that. She thought that she had her rights and should be able to do what she wanted. Especially since she lived on Tortuga, living wasn't great, but he should still show some respect. Then she thought up a brilliant plan, at least to her.

Emily Waveprint would runaway tonight to become a pirate.

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Emily started dinner after she was done with laundry, with a sage look on her face like she new something. She made cornbread, with some corn from there small garden on the side of the house and she made peas from the neighbors who had a larger garden. She also made tea for everyone that had been outside all day warming up.

During dinner she tried to make conversation because she knew she potentially wouldnt see her family anymore, if not at least briefly. This was a bad idea, because it just made Emily more solemn to leave and runaway.

" So James, how was the business today at the silversmith?" Emily asked gingerly.

" None of yer business. " James replied placing a spoonfull of peas in his mouth.

" Right I'm sorry. Molly? Soloman? How was school at Ms. Hendry's house today?" She asked turning her head away from her grumpy husband to her two children.

" It was boring. Ms. Hendry kept repeating the same things over and over." Molly, her daughter replied.

Emily asked if everyone was done, and took the plates out back and cleaned them with the little river water she had left in the bucket. Then she took them inside and placed them in a cabinet. She then started a fire with some pieces of wood. She grabbed a chair and took a seat in it near the fire. She told the children to get to bed, hugging them extensively like she never would let go, knowing of the malevelent things that could happen to her.

Then she, herself had gone to bed after the fire died down. She laid down on the bed of straw and told her husband good bye for the last time. Then what seemed like hours later, she snuck up to the kitchen and stocked some foot in a leather made bag she had found. She grabbed and extra blanket and some money as well. She had made up a plan to sneak into the silversmith's shop to steal a crude sword, because a pirate needs a sword. After that, she set out to the dock to find a boat she could use.

She would be going to the fierce, dangerous Driftwood Island, where the crabs fought hard, and the wasps fought even harder.
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She found a sloop that she thought would work well enough, in case she came across any EITC or Navy ships. The headed Northeast toward Driftwood Island. As she got closer she noticed a light off in the distance of the island. She ducked down extremely cautious. As she arrived at the dock, she quietely grabbed the ropes and tied them to the dock. She then slipped out of the boat, and quietly down the small dock. She saw two men talking my a wrecked ship in pieces after supposedly a storm. She could barely make out what they were saying.

" Ye gotta let me in with some of those fancy weapons. Im a respectable pirate and I deserve to know some secrets on how to find 'em." One man said to the other that was sitting by the fire in a wooden chair.

"Alright, alright. Yeh know the land named Tormenta do ye?" The sitting man said. " Go there and find a buried treasure chest with an X across the dirt."

" Thank ye John. Nice doin' business with ya." The standing man said as he drifted off towards the dock.

Emily barely had time to hide behind the boat with out getting caught by eavesdropping. But a twig cracked under the pressure of her foot and the man named John looked up.

" Who goes there?" He asked as he stood up looking around.

Emily took away from the boat and stepped out of the dark and closer to the fire where he could see her, and she could see him.

" What be yer name?" He asked, him breath heavy with the scent of rum.

" Well my name be Emily, Waveprint," She said gingerly, not wanting to make him angry.

" Are you needing any help? Are ye a new one needs help getting some weapons? Oh sorry for my rude behavior. My names John Smith." He said sitting down.

"Yes I'm new I guess you could say. I have a cutlass." Emily replied firmly.

" That piece of crude silver'll get ye no where. Do ye know how to use one of those?" He asked.

" Kind of. I would like a gun, and I guess a better sword would satisfy me." Emily said.

" Then heres what you'll do."
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John told her she had to set sa to Devils Anvil to seek out a nasty pirate named Captain Barbossa. He would supply her with a gun. He also said that if she wanted to get a better sword she should visit Will Turner at the Old Warehouse near the farming area of Port Royal. She had only been to Port Royal once to give some of her crops that were required to be given to the royal family. So she got back on her sloop and set sail north to Devils Anvil. She tied up the boat and walked on shore to a small cave with lights outside of it. That's when she heard a monkey noise and despite the huge ball growing inside her she kept going. There was a man there with a feather hat sitting upon piles of gold.

" Hello. Are you Captain Barbossa? " Emily asked quietly.

" That be me. Who sent ya here?" he asked.

"His name be John Smith." Emily replied carefully walking forward.

" Ah yes. You must be needin' a pistol. Well you must promise to keep the code with using this pistol." he replied pulling out a rusty looking pistol.

" What be the code?" Emily asked curiously.

" Why the code for this pistol says you ain't allowed to shoot at Navy or EITC soldiers. Neither can they shoot at you with any type of gun." he said roughly.

" Oh ok. Thank you for he help." Emily said turning.

" Look out for that scoundrel Jolly. He be searching the seas for pirates to turn undead and join his army." Barbossa replied before Emily left.

Emily's next trip would take her to Port Royal, but before she would earn her new sword, she would need some training.
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