Graphics Problem  They Need To Fix The Bug Were You Cant See Ships


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I went sailing last night and I could see absolutely NOTHING around me! No island, no ship ... screenshot_2010-12-20_19-41-22.jpg
I turned the camera view around, and still nothing.
I asked my friend Brown Beard from Inferno to take over the wheel, and I went on the cannon.
It read Warlord on top, but where was the ship?? I just blindly shot to the direction where the broadsides fired ...
Haha ... A Behemoth ghost ship (yes, where was the ship again?) was firing at us ...
Now Brown Beard ordered us to shoot the grappling hooks ... at what?? :p


Molly Ironscarlett

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Jade it's not just eerrrrr ot the rum....come to think of it i have had this problem from time to's a curse from Davy Jones i swear...your enemies aren't visible but we sure are..;) nice pics btw well done

Red River Raven

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I think in all the time playing.. it's happened to me once.. then again, my ships have been to port of late.. maybe time to take them out again :daggermouth: