TLoPO Closing Automatically


I've encountered this strange problem a few days ago when trying to open my game. The launcher works perfectly fine; I log in and the launcher checks for updates, then sends me into the game. The loading to the main menu of the game is cut at 24% exactly every time and closes the game, reopening the launcher.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, which at first seemed to fix it (I loaded into the menu fine and began playing a server), however after a short while my game "stops responding," and I'm forced to close the game, which inevitably triggers the issue mentioned above. Any possible fixes you guys could offer?

Luna Storm

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Hi there!
TLOPO needs to be run as admin. I'm don't know if you have been playing TLOPO before or whether this the first time you are trying to run the game.
If that is not the problem then definitely your best bet is to contact support as Ben Phantomfox suggested.
Hope you get on soon :)

Bart Gunshot

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Are you running any potentially "malicious" programs in the background? TLOPO will often stop loading if it detects a program it doesn't like. Known programs include things like AutoHotKey scripts and CheatEngine. If you've ever used CheatEngine make sure to unload it from the kernel by going to the installation location and running "Kernelmoduleunloader.exe" It's a bit annoying how it doesn't notify you but thats how it is I suppose. If you do not have any of these programs installed/running your best bet is contacting support.