To Davy Darkrage, Treasurer, Captain Star, And All The Other Mods, We Thank You.

Jim Daggerskull

Site Founder
All of you help maintain a wonderful site that gives everyone, whether if they are in a guild or not, a place to hang out and meet new people.

All or you are important to us and this site. If it were not for them, we wouldn't have this amazing site.

Basically, I've posted this thread to give everyone a chance to give thanks to everyone that made this site happen.

Thanks for all that you do,
Everyone at the Pirates Forums!
Thanks for makeing this they really deserve a lot I mean thanks so much Davy for creating this site and runing it thanks to Treasurer for also doing SOOOOOO much work for this forms Will Basil and Misty U GUYS ROCK Basil I know u are just starting but I know u will do a grate job last Star thanks so much for every thing u do in helping run the forms u are a grate leader. And to all the other Mods I know there are some more but I don't know who they are THANKS
Your Welcome and ya I agree with Davys comment it's every single member of this site that makes piratesforums great.
I think the mods are workin hard day and night to provide us the best experience and to help make this the best potco forumd. Cheers to the loyal founders 